The President and American Chaos

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October 19, 2023- The Oval Office speech from President Biden documented a path in hopes of securing both American democracy and its safety.
The continued support of Israel and Ukraine were elements at the forefront of this national speech. President Biden’s attempts to secure foreign borders, enhance the security of our nation, and emphasize the strength of the United States were paramount in both voice and tone.
Funding the Israeli conflict and Ukraine to the tune of $100 Billion dollars is quite a task. Our own nation is demonstrating polar political opposition with the supreme lack of leadership in our House of Representatives.
It is a tenuous time on the global platform.
The premise of the speech was to voice a plan to secure Israel and Ukraine- critical to the future security of each and every American. Threats to America and its borders/territories are the reason for these attempts to secure our nations for future generations. His inspirational thoughts were a throwback to Kennedy and Obama in times of crisis.
The negative ageism comments continue to take place in reference to  Biden’s mannerisms and delivery of information. By the same token, the GOP House is a laughing stock of the global forum with the drama in our extremely divided legislature. With these elements taken into consideration, no one can argue against the fact that the tyrants and terrorists in our world are a real and horrific issue. Oppositions at home impede progress on all fronts.
The political base of today is indeed in chaos as we enter the 2024 election time. This historical White House speech was delivered by President Biden only hours after his return from Israel. During this war zone visit, he met victims of the Hamas terror attacks that viciously killed 1400 plus civilians. Months prior, Biden also visited war-torn Ukraine. “I know these conflicts can seem far away, and it’s natural to ask – why does this matter to America?” Biden said. “So let me share with you why making sure Israel and Ukraine succeed is vital for America’s national security.”
Biden stressed the “pure unadulterated evil” of Hamas. He was clear that attempts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to “erase” Ukraine’s independence were to be demolished with our support to Ukraine. The President was clear that the terrorism coming from the Middle East would threaten Americans and Russia would have a negative impact on global peace.
The historic impact of last night’s speech cannot be negated. Biden is clear and direct about America’s role in the forum of our global future. The future of our democracy is at stake in this current time. Wars in Israel and Ukraine impact millions of individuals with death and destruction.
Man against Man- treacherous times.
On our own front, the GOP cannot seem to get their own House in order. This week as reported directly from CNN,  Putin traveled to Beijing to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was in North Korea, and Israel reeled from attacks by Hamas, which receives funding and weapons from Iran.
The political divide is at a dramatic crossroads.
May God Bless America.

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