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I AM Vintage ???
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The word vintage literally means “of age.” Most antique dealers consider an item to be vintage if it is at least 40 years old — some a bit older. Still, sometimes when working with teens of today I am sure I am just that- Vintage.  

Who are the Beatles?
Does anyone know the name, John Lennon?
Has anyone in the class heard of Woodstock?
What does the term Kent State refer to?

What is a landline?
Yes, air conditioners used to be in windows.
What is vinyl or an album?
Yes, am. and fm. refer to the radio.

OMG yes, we stood inside a box to speak on a telephone.
Yes, it was ten cents to make a call and we placed it in the phone itself. Insta, Snap, Twitter X — no, we spoke to each other.

A Taxi is similar to an Uber or Lift, yes- they were mostly yellow.
No, we never paid for “designer” dogs- they were called “mutts” and we rescued them or helped other families out when needed. 

No, I did not live with horses on dirt streets Yes, cars were NOT electric. 
Yes, people lived in houses or apartments, not townhomes and condos with huge fees. We were proud to take care of our own property and many could afford to do so.
No, I could not “speak” into my watch. That was on TV though.
Yes, I had a color TV, but it had maybe 10 channels total.

A “stoop” is a reference to the steps outside where people gathered and talked. Yes, people used to actually talk to each other face-to-face. 
Judgments, gangs, sure society has always had that, but we were never afraid to step into churches, places of worship, or any of our schools. 

Politics- sure there have always been differences. Indictments and criminal charges- not in any memory of my life. A former president inciting riots- no. Lying- yes, surely people lie. 

Climate change- yes it has been an ongoing environmental issue forever. However, the difference is we have the technology to realize our errors. Will it change even with our recognition and action? I honestly do not know.

Prices- yes quite different. My parents bought a 5-bedroom home with an acre in NJ for 25k — now it is 750k. No, I am not rich- I was impulsive and sold it long ago. Bread- I would pay about a dollar- cereal maybe a bit more- NEVER 4 or 5 dollars. Incomes were different then also-so things change.

Everything changes- it is the law of Nature. 
It is the Law of Our Intrinsic Existence. 

As Bob Dylan said guys- “Everything passes, Everything changes, Just do what you think you should do”.

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