Trump Chaos, The United States, and Our Founding Fathers

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America is at a crossroads. Our political forum is now a media spectacle of embarrassment, legalities, and hidden agendas. The world is watching. Is American democracy the same as it was some 250 years ago? How are our founding fathers in their graves?

The actual reality-of even the possibility- that an ex-president can be indicted three times, possibly go to trial on multiple criminal accounts and still be the Republican frontrunner of the 2024 election is mind-boggling. Retribution in the White House is promised. What is going on?

The world trauma of the attack on the American capital of the United States on January 6th, 2021 is highlighted at present by a former president allegedly trying to subvert democracy. We all heard it- didn’t we? Technology documented everything. How is it twisted?

The divisions within this country are immense.
An ex-president of the United States can repeatedly go to trial in an election year and profoundly declare retribution and people love it. Where am I? Where is our nation?

Extreme rhetoric and fury are the Republican political base. Times are ominous.
On Thursday, August 3, 2023, ex-president Trump spent the day pleading not guilty to the gravest of three (yes 3) cases in which he has been indicted. This includes four charges arising from an alleged attempt to halt the “collecting, counting, and certifying” of votes after the 2020 election.

History books are adding new chapters.
The trauma inflicted on this country warrants pause.

Trump’s charade at our democracy, his sense of power, and his instilled fear in others is blatant. As reported by CNN-” He was irked, sources familiar with his mindset told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, that the judge referred to him simply as “Mr. Trump,” rather than with the presidential title he still used at his clubs.”

The extreme core of American values and democracy are on the line. Trump is charged with trying to subvert the political system and the values on which our nation was founded. Best stated by Jack Smith, Special Counsel to the Department of Justice, “he was determined to stay in power.”

Many feel that Democrats and these indictments are fueling the base to re-elect Trump. Others state that the law needs to be upheld across the land regardless of privilege. It is the great divide within an election timeframe.

These days we are fortunate to have the ability to document words, actions, and the pulse of the country through technology. The truth can be seen and heard by those that create chaos.

These times will forever carve a notch in our flag with regard to how our laws and its founding principles were upheld. God Bless America.

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