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The Gender Schema Theory states that children learn about male and female roles from the environment in which they live and grow. Cultures dictate perception, influence, and action. The portrayal of the female gender has a long history of movement, growth, and change throughout the globe.

Gender Schema proposes that attitudes, beliefs, and lifestyles are clearly influenced by cultural norms gained during one’s lifetime. If a child was brought up in a traditional household, expectations are set to follow that mold. This is not a commentary on whether this is “right” or “wrong” — it just is a theoretical approach.

The same holds true of the balance of power between a man and a woman if gender is to be identified. This varies across the planet. It is culturally defined.

Native American communities recognized three genders- Two-Spirit and LGBTQ -long before the colonists overtook their land, their lives, and their culture. We have long been a society struggling for power. This is evident not only in geography but in politics, employment, religion, family life, and sex as well. These ideals are evident when just browsing the internet or watching a current news program.

As a society struggles, so do its people.

The yearning to be authentic creates an underlying current of rebellion.

If we glance across the planet, cultures clearly define the role of men and women. These dynamics have clearly been changing.

Embracing the detachment of the current dogma is what the current climate now promotes within the United States.

Keep in mind history runs deep and changes are not always welcomed across the globe. Safety in one’s space is also a huge consideration in this arena. Our worldly political environment is a testament to that fact.

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The word reb·el is defined by the Oxford dictionary as a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against the established order. Similar words include insurgent, revolutionist, mutineer, subversive, and traitor.

Hey, this is the “dictionary”, not me. I love words, however, the concept is made to seem absolutely wrong when these words are in use. It seems that going against the norm is absolute chaos and has no positive purpose.

I tend to disagree.

In reference to the above statements, back to the women drawn to bad boys. Sometimes rebellion assists people in truly finding their unique selves away from societal restrictions. Having the courage to stand up for yourself — against the norm- is not always a bad trait. It may just be your reach self.

If we were all sheep in this world, where would creativity, art, and progress stand? The revelation of ideas, technology, space, and movement all are derived from individuals following a path of exploration. Rebels.

Exploration in and of itself demands rebellion.

The point is — reaching out for the unexpected when people set you into a mold is to be commended not ridiculed. With this belief, we gain a better understanding of why women are drawn to bad boys. People want to choose for themselves. Whether it be man or woman or gender neutral — it is a personal choice. Judgment of one’s life should be a singular task.

We come alone in this world and leave alone. Make your own choices.

Rebellion against what others “think” you “should be” or “do” is not horrendous.

Is it a secret that individuals want to break out of expectations? Is rebelling and reaching for that creative, colorful spirit in a room of conservatives necessarily a bad thing? Who is to say? Why does judgment exist?

Why should I care who anyone sleeps with- be it heterosexual or LBGTQ? I have enough trouble finding an ol’ hippie spiritual man in this chaotic life that there is no room to discern what I think is “right” for other people. I think people are drawn to the love of others for what it brings to them, in them, and for them. It is much more spirit-based than sexual. Sexuality is a deep expression of that connection. A soul-searching for lack of a better term.

Culture, rebellion, and sex. It all depends on what your road is in life. It is your life-your path — not society, your parents, or your culture. You are unique. Embrace your authentic self.

Just be. Be safe. Find your space. Find yourself.

As the master wrote:

“For the ones who had a notion,
a notion deep inside
That it ain’t no sin
to be glad you’re alive”
Bruce Springsteen

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