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What do I know? A Free Verse Poem

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The More I Learn the Less I Know

Do all doors really lead somewhere?

When I “go inside” —  why do I shortly want to “go outside”?

Tomatoes are considered a fruit, why is ketchup not a smoothie?

When I read all in the library, isn't there always more to read?

Salt is with Pepper all of the time. Why? 

Is the opposite of opposite the same or opposite? 

If I ever do “grow up” —  would I sometimes want to be childish again?

The candle burns to the end, but then I light another. 

Is there another word for thesaurus?

I wash the clothes, then wash them again and again and again.

How far east do you go before you are traveling west? 

Where are the thoughts that are forgotten? 

If I bake something and love it —  why do I just want to bake it again?

If I make love — don’t I just want to do that again?

I eat, sleep, exercise- repeat. 

Writing makes me want to just write some more.

I breathe in, but then I breathe out. 

Why can’t I describe the word indescribable? 

When I hike and come home —  why do I just want to go out and hike again?

If someone makes me laugh — I just want to laugh some more, why?

I shop, then shop for more -whether it is household, clothing- whatever. 

The window opens/ closes and opens again.

I gave birth and even though it was excruciating- I want to do it again.

The goldfish just circle the bowl. Should I get them a plant? Do they care? 

The dog I rescued wants me to rescue another.

We cut our lawns but want them to grow.

The bowls and pitchers are vessels, but we always fill them.

When I am sleeping and wake up — why do I just want to go back asleep?

Does the sun cover the clouds or do the clouds cover the sun?

I drink cool water to sustain myself, yet I must do the same always.

Tears are a release — doesn’t everyone need to release pain over and over?

Cool breezes are cool- warm breezes are warm — don’t we want them again? 

 Hot showers make me smile and when I dry off — I want warmth again.

When I teach — don’t I want to learn?

Earth is covered with asphalt/concrete, don’t you see it trying to break free?

The flowers bloom, leave seeds, and repeat. 

The clouds seem to float- are they or am I floating?

The refrigerator has cold things I just want to heat up.

Sitting makes me want to stand, standing makes me want to sit.

Salt makes me want sugar, sugar makes me crave salt.

The dog seems content, but is she happy? Is that even a thing?

Photographs make life stand still.

Coffee answers all life’s questions — so maybe I will go have some.

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