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Remember when…back in the not-so-distant past your days were filled with daydreams? The rush of adulthood did not exist anywhere in your world. There is a time within our journeys when this element is lost. We innately become anxious looking for peace in our souls when it is drowning in the fray of our lives. This is an important commentary on remembrance of your purpose and heart's desire. You had it at birth- here- search for it again- the anxiety of these times will slowly melt away once it is found. I hope you enjoy this small piece of life's reflection. It is an individual journey- yours alone. My hope is that this encourages your walk along your own authentic path.
High School© Brooklyn Muse

Dreamers dream,

They remember,

life begins, gets lost — 

and begins again.


Babies dream,

They remember,

experience touch and breath

with all of its majesty.


Kids tumble and fall — 

learn to hide dreams,

try hard to please.

They look to the dreamers.

They know dreamers remember.


Teens challenge,

try to dream — 

They reach into the dreamers

to find their own way.

They struggle a bit,

then relish the day.

They know dreamers remember.


Adults conform, lost -searching for dreams

the days of their birth,

back to ancestral wisdom.

They struggle 

and question their dreams.

They forgot that dreamers remember.


Dreamers remember.

Age reverts us back to a time

where we knew and loved

that Man in the Moon.


I wish you a remembrance.

Dreamers remember.
Moon Lights the Way© Brooklyn Muse

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