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I Took a Taxi - The Unexpected Ride- Free Verse

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1960's New York City Taxi Door© Brooklyn Muse

I have spent a great deal of my life salvaging/designing space and giving it all away. I always think people “need” things more than I do. I am weird. I find it fun. As I ponder my next life step — after high school/ college teaching — I am drawn to “junk” again. Mind you, it is not a financial need, just an odd, colorful expression.
I find ART everywhere.
Anyway, throughout my life, I have owned numerous Co-ops, Antique Stores, and spaces. I hold a deep admiration for those intriguing proprietors of old bookstores, coffee haunts, and industrial odd musings.


So, back to the Taxi. With all of my treasure hunting, I have never, ever just roamed a junkyard. I have no idea why. I could literally embellish an entire NYC SoHo flat with finds from a municipal junk space. I have found literal gold in the trash, estate boxes, and town sales, but never thought of car jaunts. Last weekend, while out looking for a rescue pup (that is another whole scene), I came across this tiny store, in a small country town- that had two NYC Taxi doors in the window. What an inspiration! The ride that took my mind on was unparalleled.

Can anyone feel me out there in cyberland?

Imagine if those doors could speak…OMG…My creative spirit was reborn at that moment.

I think it changed me.

My soul has been on fire with ideas ever since.

I can retire now with a passion and have the world as my oyster.


Rusty, old, beat-up, yellow NYC Taxi cab doors from the 60s are what I prize now above material things.

My artistic taste is all about critical thinking. So is my soul I guess.

I think I should go have a glass of deep red and go figure out how I can implement this story for my graduating seniors in World History. I need a plan. The World, its history, and Current Events in politics parallel the insanity of dreams of the 60s and taxi rides in New York City. There is cool music in that lesson somewhere, I just have to go and find it. Peace out.

I wish you peace, love, and all that hippie shit. (It is good to have an edge)

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