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Weave Words With Wisdom - An Abecedarian Poem

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An abecedarian Poem- A Poem that is completed by using the entire English alphabet in its original order. This technique is both unusual and difficult to accomplish successfully. Each line or stanza begins with the first letter of the alphabet and is followed by the next successive letter. It is an ancient form of poetry often found in antiquities relating to religious Hebrew historic poetry.

This particular piece was woven with a bit more intense tenacity.

Weave Words With Wisdom

Authentic adventure awaits

autograph abecedarian actions.

Believe, beckon beauty,

by becoming boldly beautiful.

Create colors, collect calm creativity,

caress captivating, composing creations.

Deep disclosures do disseminate

dearly, detecting distinctive destiny.

Elevate eclectic energy

electrifying earth effervescence.

Forgo fear forever,

feed fleeting feelings.

Gradually grow gratitude

giving gracefully.

Helping humanity heal

has huge, hubristic happiness.

Intrinsic intuition innately

incites inspiration.

Just jaunt, juggle jargon,

jazz jovial jigsaw jokes.

Kindly kiss kaleidoscope karma,

knead knowing knowledge.

Live life lustfully locating lyrics,

leaving loneliness left, lagging late.

Mind magical moments made most memorable

mainly making many musings.

Neatly notice niches needing nourishment.

negate negativity, nature narrates nests.

Occupy oddities, offer obscurity often,

omit opposing oaths, observe our own obligations, okay?

Purposely plant positivity, pour precious pages,

presenting people's performance.

Quietly qualify quantity

quickly quizzing queries.

Read, reflect, resurrect recollections,

rebel, rebuild reminisce.

Scribe secret sentences so someone

seeks simple soul solace.

Tell the tale thoughtfully,

together test those taboo topics.

Understanding ultimately using utterances

unleashes universal utopia.

Vigorously venerating venues

validates varying views.

Work within wise worlds

with wonder wrangling words.

X-ray xyris xylographs ,

Xerox xenial, XXOO, XA

Yesterday yearns yearly,

yes- you- youth yodels.

Zany zealots zap zippers

zip zen.

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