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Did you ever sin? What exactly does that mean?

Were you judged by someone or believed in things unseen?

Might your greed or selfish acts have caused ill will in disguise? 

Did you lie or cheat -then were disgruntled with the prize? 

Was the dark place that you visited a place where you now stay?

Was that home a temporary stop along your way?

Do you look inside yourself as you now come to age?

Do you even care to judge and then turn the page?

Do our sins follow us as stones are thrown within?

Does it matter in the end that humanity always wins? 

The stones we have that bear us down are lessons to be sure.

The answers are to live and learn -move forward through the door. 

The houses that we hold are both in body and in mind.

They are blown of glass and shatter without any rhyme.

Our shredded selves cut and bleed all through our lives.

Glass breaks- as sins discovered- slit us like small knives.

There is not one without regret upon this earthly plane,

your spirit knew- when it chose- it would never be the same.

We all have secrets deep inside we wish to forget. 

They come back to us in our dreams, but please do not fret.

Embrace humanity and forgive along the way,

take- both good and bad- and strive for a new day.

The time we have is limited for our souls to grow,

the body will soon wither, but the spirit lives to know.

We are but a fleeting speck upon this planet earth,

make valuable your time here and reap for all its worth.

The wildflowers embrace the sun and live among the rain,

you, my dear, must forgive yourselves and just do the same. 

You came here with a purpose, keep searching for its truth-

the sins, stones, and glasshouses are not lost upon the youth. 

The earth and all we have and hold are transparent as we leave.

The memories may fade away, but the legacy is a seed. 

Learning from the sins we make creates a better place.

The energy dispels inside with amazing grace.

The deep recesses of your heart and soul never go away.

This life is to learn and plant, do not go astray.

The sins, stones, and glasshouses remind us who we are.

Embrace your life and then ride on to another star.

Love, Brooklyn 

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