A Call to Parenting in 2022 - A Poem of Necessity

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Social Media and our Lives© Brooklyn Muse

Social Media is on the rise -Why don’t we all just run?
Talk to your kids, go outside and have a bit of fun.

Take the teens to the forest or on a cool, quiet trail,
and get to know them a bit more for times today are frail.

It does not have to be that hard, make an effort on their behalf,
gain calm interest in their generation and together just laugh.

Learn to skateboard or ride a bike if you must,
now is the time to earn all their trust.

The distractions for the young are incredible today,
their road is much more difficult than ours back in the day.

Try to learn their language and teach them a bit of yours,
their concerts aren’t forever and neither were your tours.

We move so quickly through our lives, just stop today and see,
that it's not about the media, true connections are just free.

Childhood and teen years are sacred times for sure,
grab your blessings while you can so they will endure.

Run away from Disney Plus, Apple, and now Prime,
go splash and swim with friends and just have a good time.

ESPN, Peacock, Apple, Hulu, and HBO
have all our real communication lost, as we all know.

Yes, Instagram, YouTube, Meta, and TikTok are no crime,
they just take away the golden years of bonding and our time.

Take pictures with the iPhone, remember moments that fly by,
you had the chance when they are young for connections to rise high.

We teach our children how to be and interact each day,
then we wonder why their skills are in such disarray.

You have to pay attention, the media has its claws-
Listen closely, parent well, and hug with every pause.

I know I am no poet, but my heart is pure, I teach teens every day and see media endure.

Social skills are clearly a necessity in life,
get them away from their phones and communicate tonight.

It is not just kids and teens, the media has hooked us all,
put Netflix, Hulu, and Pinterest down and heed the call.

Stop the scrolling and the gaming- be present for today,
don’t lose these opportunities, everything goes away.

My purpose is a Parent Call to Action as you may not see,
the youth of today need your direction to think clearly and be free.

Life is short, I wish the best in family life for you,
take the time, and value most what is really true.



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