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If You Will Only Listen…

The Mountain Tells No Lies

It lives and breathes.

Mountains speak through the senses. Hearing, Tasting, Smelling, Touching and Seeing. Most importantly through the innate sense of Supreme Stillness. If one speaks of it as a “Spirit Sense”, it turns some people away and is quickly disregarded. The same is true of the word “Energy”. I can understand the skepticism, so I choose my words most carefully.

“Stillness” is a term most will accept and at least try. When they do, there is no turning back. Change is inevitable. Permanent, systemic change.

Do not be afraid- just read on.

We all “know” certain things. Some taught, some innate. Senses need to be relearned- they are truly yours alone. We own so much more than what is on the surface and have just forgotten for a bit. Think of it as a cool, breezy, white veil. You can “sort of” see through it, but initially, the image is not quite clear. There is no doubt it is there, but you need its direction. A positive little “push” if you will. I will try my best to clarify the “space” of “you” I am referring to.

Quietly ponder these questions to yourself.

Why do you think people are drawn to water (not drinking water) — oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams?

You wonder as you gaze at the stars in the dark midnight sky, but what do you “feel”?

You see the flower, touch it, but decide not to pluck it from its stem. Why?

You gaze at a stranger- gently smirk and oddly feel a connection. Why?

You look at your babe and know what they need. Why? How?

You are a carnivore, enjoy it- but sometimes stop, wonder, pause and think about the pain your need for this nourishment has caused. Why?

That is the “Space” I am referring to. It is unspoken, Secret. Unique to you alone. It cannot really be talked about very much, nor can it be learned. It is more of a “Discovery” — one you must accept first to even be open to the thought.

So, reread what I have written. Ponder it if you will in quiet moments. If you feel this is rubbish to you, that is okay- you are just not yet ready. Its realization is not for all this time around. I wish you peace.

I wish you to hear the Mountains because they tell no lies.


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