A Poem on Relationships- On the Side.

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On the SIde© Brooklyn Muse

Value Yourself- Rise above Relationships where you are seconds. No need to be "On the Side" of anyone. This simple poem is a wake-up call to stand tall, find your own strong voice, and lead your life with passion and fire in your soul for yourself. Own yourself. Value Yourself.

Wake-up call- here is your guide,

no- one deserves to be on the side.

French Fries, salad, cole slaw, and a pickle

dating out there can surely be fickle.

People are not to be used on your plate-

if you have a first course, don’t look for a date.

A roll, some beans, a veggie, some rice-

stop pretending, you are not very nice.

Emotions and souls are deep and within,

stop hurting others for the lust of the skin.

With your side of potatoes, corn, carrots, or beets

you fry your partner deeply with all of your meets.

The lettuce, tomato-the mac, and the cheese,

the kids will remember, stop it now, please.

We create and we teach, we live and we learn,

your selfish acts bleed and they burn.

If you are unhappy in life, it is fine to admit,

wash your plate clean, and call it quits.

Breaking the pieces along the way

will cut and run deeply forever a day.

The first course is primary and should fill the soul,

all nutrients are needed to keep us all whole.

When the first course is stable all tables align,

dessert then comes easy and families are fine.

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