Gratitude - A Poem

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Notes on Earthly Gratitude
Grateful for Sight© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the sunshine for warming my physical body. I see you above me lightening my soul in both good times and bad. You ask for nothing in return. I assimilate you into my skin and entire being. You bring me endless strength and joy.

I would like to thank the wind that blows through my hair and reminds me of an unseen spirit. I feel you brush by me as I walk and ponder this life. You go through my ethereal wings with mystery and grace.
Grateful for Touch© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the earth beneath my feet as I walk on the trail. You give me balance as I navigate worldly concerns. You steady me amidst life's chaos. You ground my spirit in the present tense. You make me whole.

I would like to thank the leaves of the trees for their art and beauty. You provide security and style. You blanket the forests with grace. You hide secret treasures of nature just waiting to be found.
Grateful for Hearing© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the fluffy, sugar snowfall for its beauty and austerity. You give so I can play and laugh. You inspire my creativity with snowmen and forts. You help me slide and ski and snowboard. You give amazement to the planet.

I would like to thank earthly elements of metal, copper, iron, crystals, stone, and gems for your reminder of resilience and strength. You provide a safe haven with the knowledge of the passage of time and its consistency.
Grateful for Scents© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the deer that showed up at my door when I was in crisis to give me endless strength. I see you still and feel your energy each day as I did through that incredible time.

I would like to thank the animals of the earth for providing pleasure, clothing, and nourishment for humanity. You give unselfishly each day and we do not thank you for your dedication and service.
Grateful for Taste© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the plants/flowers for providing oxygen and nourishment for my physical body. You service my needs and make me smile. You bring color into the darkness wherever you are found.

I would like to thank the birds for reminding me of spirit flight and bringing music to this physical plane. Your songs permeate the air and travel into my bones. You remind me of home and peace and light. You comfort me.
Grateful for Earth© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the trees for providing shade, lumber, and food/homes for myself and nature’s creatures. Your roots communicate with the entire planet.

I would like to thank the clouds for providing respite and calm before the storms. You provide me with a time of reflection and past knowledge. You provide a meditation space of elegance and art reminding us to reach incredible heights.
Grateful for Spirit© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the storms for their endless release of humanity’s pent-up energy force. You gather and express such emotion — many cannot not.

I would like to thank the grass for its deep refreshing scent and earthly soft blanket. You are a reminder to rest, rejuvenate, play and have a good time.
Grateful for Knowledge© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the moon and stars for their direction and life force. You move my soul as you change the waves of the ocean. You instill dreams, wonder, and boundless creative reach.

I would like to thank fire for its resources and wonder. You provide warmth and magic to our world- wonderment and artistic expression in every flame.

I would like to thank the rain for cleansing my thoughts and creating new life. You wash me and my thoughts of negativity and give my earth a new beginning.
Grateful for Laughter© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank the oceans and water on the planet for their sustenance, magical force, and artistic and biological diversity. You are an inspiration with every droplet.

I would like to thank my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body for sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. I have gratitude for you every day and do not take you for granted. You provide this wonderment of the world to me and I thank you.
Grateful for Life© Brooklyn Muse

I would like to thank you for reading my scribe.



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