Life is not a box of chocolates - A Poem

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It is More Like a Bowl of Cheerios.
Life is like a bowl of Cheerios© Brooklyn Muse

Life is not always sweet like chocolate.

Life is circular, buoyant…able to stay afloat. 

Sometimes we swim, sometimes we sink. 

We need sustenance to hold us up. 

Sometimes it is the milk of human kindness, 

sometimes we are lactose intolerant, 

needing plain earth goodness like nuts. 

Some people are nuts.

Like chocolate, we are all different on the inside, 

like Cheerios, we are all empty somewhere

in the middle of it all. 

Sometimes we gather together, 

sometimes we get eaten, 

sometimes we get left behind.

It all depends on the day.

Every day is different. 

Life is funny that way. 

Like Cheerios, 

held together by a global bowl.

Colorful earth tones bring us together,

separate spoons dividing us daily.

Crunchy and sometimes mushy,

we add fruits and nuts to our mix.

We try to fill our bodies with goodness,

we want to replenish each new day.

Nutrients to fill our soul.

Sometimes life tastes good, sometimes not. 

Oats are a bit more grounded than chocolate.

Not that chocolate is bad, just different.

It depends if you like to reap your wild oats or not.

Sweets are good for the mind and body as well,

being grounded just seems a bit more important.

The earth fills the spirit, sweets seem to pass by.

Decadence has its place, however,

balance on the milk of human kindness

seems closer to my heart.

Yeah, life is not a box of chocolates, 

it is more like a bowl of Cheerios. 

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