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Listen and silent have the same letters.

Nature’s voice reverberates within the earth.

Majestic properties live in the whisper of the trees,

the rhythm of the water, and the call of the wind.

Stillness is the key to peace within the soul.

Civilization and industrialization bring noise to our lives.

Loudness fogs memory and focus.

Earth is the silent healer of both mind and spirit.

Can you hear the audible call of earth's rhythms?

Are you still enough to have your heart feel the pulse of life?

Are aware that the breath of the wind caresses your face?

The tone of the rain falls on your skin?

The mood of the trail beats beneath your feet?

The soft sound of the gentle snowfall cools your soul?

Are you ever just quiet?

Do you ever ask those you are with to just be quiet and listen?

Few people are in tune with their ancestral roots.

The inner spirit  of the universe.

These are the wisdom seekers. These are the magic makers that innately sense the sound pulsating. These are the creators of depth, creativity, and art. More importantly, these elements are the heartbeat of the blue marble we named earth. Throughout the centuries artists, musicians, and writers were the grounded elements. They felt it. They feel it. They touch us in an inexplicable fashion.

Johnn Sebastian Bach composed masterpieces in every major Baroque era including sonatas, concertos, suites, and cantatas. His use of the keyboard organ and choral works remain his signature. Many musicians and artists possess gifts that are unique.

These soul seekers stand the test of time.

A small number of musicians and artists translate for us the yearnings of our soul-spirit.

Our longing for home if you will. They transcend time.

You, too, can hear more than you realize.

To do this you must let yourself literally fall into stillness.

Feel the trees, listen. The wind calls. The trail and the earth beckon to be heard.

The water sings loudly to grab your attention.

Be still.

Simple just…

Be still.

Listen and silent have the same letters.

The earth’s sounds gave credence to Bach’s life and work. It seems to me he felt the pulse and in that feeling was able to transform his music to reverberate for centuries in our souls. When captured, human instinct clearly needs a hold on the sound of nature.

It is innate in us, though few reach for it.

Did you know Bach once walked 213 miles to hear a performance by an organist? Once he had heard the concert, he turned around and walked the same distance home again. Imagine his anticipation in the walk to the sound- then his soul reliving that sound all the way back home 213 miles.

Ponder your world and listen a bit more. Listen amidst the flowing river water and the trees.

Be still and be grateful for your senses to embrace this planet at this moment in time.

Listen and silent have the same letters.

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