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Outdoor lighting has taken on a new meaning for residents of the United States. Many citizens have taken to their outdoor porches and stairways to share their support and awareness of a plethora of issues within our society. 

A simple change of a light bulb now has greater significance than one might initially believe.

The following information will clarify this new mystery for many within our country. The symbolism posted will give you a bit of insight into what your neighbors are trying to tell you using their front lights.

Green: Veterans, Military Support, St. Patricks Day, Lyme Disease

Orange: Halloween, Justice

Blue: Law Enforcement Support, Autism Awareness, Alopecia Areata Awareness

Purple: Domestic Violence

Red: American Heart Association, Firefighters, Valentine’s Day, and yes, Prostitution

Yellow: Reduce Bugs

Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

Color-changing bulbs are available on the market for the discerning consumer.

Green Porch Light Meaning

Green lighting is a sign of respect for men and women in the Armed Forces, active military personnel, guardsmen, reservists, uniformed services, and United States veterans. This outward symbol of gratitude is displayed outside many homes throughout the nation. In addition, to show appreciation for our servicemen and women green lights are projected from sundown until midnight during Veteran’s Day weekend.

The Moapa Valley Town Council of Nevada began this tradition in 2009 when they passed a resolution to switch their white porch lights to green for the celebration in honor of local veterans.

Also, to show appreciation for service, green porch lights are lit from sundown until midnight during Veterans Day weekend and other times throughout the year when a United States Veteran passes away. The same new tradition is held on Memorial day as well.

Green porch lights are often displayed on St. Patrick’s Day also as this holiday is commonly known as “Green Out Day.”

The color green is used to symbolize Lyme disease as well. Lyme disease is a result of being bitten by a specific deer tick. The color green is used to bring awareness to this illness as ticks are sometimes green. From Old Lyme, Connecticut to San Antonio, Texas, porch lights with a green hue are shown during Lyme Disease Awareness Month in May. Approximately, 300,000 people or more in the U.S. are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year.

Blue Porch Light Meaning

Blue lights are usually used to bring awareness to a cause. The most common of these causes are Autism awareness, law enforcement support, and Alopecia Areata awareness.

The awareness of the sacrifices of law enforcement began in 1989 when Dolly Craig placed a blue light in her window to honor her late son-in-law, an officer killed in the line of duty. She shared her story with local police and the idea has since grown into Project Blue Light.

The Light Ohio Blue campaign motivates people to change their porch lights to blue to symbolize unity in the support of all law enforcement personnel. While this may have started to honor fallen officers, it has changed dramatically into a year-round show of support for all law enforcement.

World Autism Awareness Day is noted as being on April 2nd each year. Autism Speaks created a campaign known as Light-It-Up Blue to increase knowledge about this condition. The struggle with Autism Spectrum Disorder is quite diverse and support is illuminated as awareness magnifies throughout the country.

Children and adults with this disorder sometimes stare at the sky to comfort themselves. This is the reason the color blue was chosen to heighten awareness.

September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month. This autoimmune disease affects approximately 1.7 million Americans and causes hair loss. The color blue was chosen to bring attention to this disorder as well.

Red Porch Light Meaning

The red porch light is chosen for American Heart Month Awareness, Firefighters Support, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and even prostitution.

The American Heart Association promotes heart-healthy lifestyles. Most often during the month of February, many individuals don the red porch light at their homes.

The festive holiday of Valentine’s Day in February also adds to the red decor throughout our neighborhoods. Ghosts and Goblins at Halloween are greeted with red lights as well.

The Shine Your Light Campaign assists The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in acknowledging and uplifting the diligent service of firefighters in our communities. May 4th is designated as International Firefighters Day.

Many individuals still associate a red porch light with prostitution or brothels. This may stem from urban legends or the term “red-light district”.

Purple Porch Light Meaning

Awareness about domestic violence is honored by the illumination of purple porch lighting. It is a gentle reminder of the the the survivors and victims of horrific atrocities occurring in the home.

Orange Porch Light Meaning

Orange porch lights are used to decorate for Halloween and represent support and empathy for murder victims’ families. Light up Delphi was a 2017 movement to encourage people to support the deaths of two young women in Delphi, Indiana. It was an outward “Cry for Justice” and remains in the memory of many to this day.

Yellow Porch Light Meaning

Yellow porch lights are said to help reduce the multitude of insects around the home. The color is repulsive to many flying annoyances and has been used for many years as a bug repellent. 

Pink Porch Light Meaning

Pink porch lights are generally associated with Breast Cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when these lights are the most prevalent. The Let Your Light Shine! the campaign encourages individuals to utilize pink lights to increase global awareness of this terrible disease.

The significance of colors in our lives cannot be negated in any form or function. The use of porch lighting gives individuals a solid voice and a quiet understanding of social and personal issues affecting our global society. It makes a statement of solidarity among the masses of people on the planet.

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