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A Poem to Earth Energy

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Earth Energy© Brooklyn Muse

Let it be known we appreciate the life energy, beyond all religions- you offer us- through the elements on our planet — fire, earth, water, metal, air, and wood.

May you realize we acknowledge your ancestral knowledge and the important integration of humor on the planet into the rhythms of our days.

May you greet us at daybreak and warm our souls to put forth our best in universal knowledge melted softly into today’s understanding.

May your healing energy beam through our lights to electrify our physical bodies and give movement to our spirit.

May our human frailties be forgiven and serve as lessons to the wind to rectify and rejuvenate ourselves and others.

May you assist us please with the pains of our personal awakening birth and bring us patience with your innate understanding.

May your hope bring intense peace with the current screams on our planet of man against man.

May you kiss us in the afternoon with nutritious elements which enhance our minds and bodies to serve others.

May your silent knowledge of the pulse of the universe be felt by others as all experience it daily through their veins.

May your elements of fire bring us warmth, earth-grounding, water-refreshment, metal-strength, air-breath, and wood-hope.

May you be before us in our days, and breathe through us in our nights.

May you whisper softly to us in the evening for rest and ancestral dreaming.

May you realize you are felt, acknowledged and a vivacious force still secret to many — opening windows daily to others.

Please be patient with us.

Sincerely, Brooklyn

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