A Poem About You

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What are your colors?© Brooklyn Muse

Colors of you.

Who are you?

Muted colors, images of self

seen through other’s eyes

blends of golds and sapphire

tints of lavender hues, mixes of scarlet and tangerine

is that who I am?

Muted colors, images of self

seen through other’s eyes

hints of silver, stations of emerald

tins of jade and indigo

pallets of whatever “they” see?

Create yourself©Brooklyn Muse

My easel is not a secret, in truth I am...

Lapus Lazuli, an intense blue mineral. It was incredibly rare in the Middle Ages and at the time of the Renaissance and actually more valuable than gold.

Gamboge, a somewhat transparent deep saffron, mustard yellow pigment. It is the traditional color used to dye Buddhist monks’ robes.

Brazilwood is a specific dye that comes from sappanwood. This Asian tree, is not endangered, in contrast to brazilwood from Brazil's forests. The current source of our brazilwood powder is directly from India.

Celadon, a unique shade of green dates back to the Neoclassical period. Ancient Greek and Roman architecture promoted the use of pale, natural colors such as blue, cream, and green. Celadon green is a fresh, calm, and inviting color. It is a pale, spring green with a gray undertone.

Aureolin is permanent in oils of intense medium yellow. It darkens and fades easily in watercolors. It is transparent, lightly staining, and light valued.

YInMn blue is so bright and perfect that it almost doesn’t look real. Its hue is an unimaginable blue. Some people are calling this hue the best color in the world.

Dragon’s blood is a red resin produced from a variety of trees growing in South East Asia, East Africa, Canary Islands, West Indies, and also in South America. A unique deep presence both in-depth, value, and memory.

Vibrant colors, images of self

seen through my eyes

my life, my truth

intense, transparent

not endangered, unique

calm, permanent

light valued, bright,

unimaginable, deep, valued.

Vibrant colors, images of self

seen through my eyes

my life, my truth

a blend of historic past lives

merging together

with vibrant passion for life

this time around

choosing fragments of colors

to melt together

to take with me

for the next time around.

a unique composition of art.

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