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Hippies - A Poem

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Old Hippies never die, so take this “Trip” with me,
times reflect the age we live, and now I’ll let you see.
Put on your Go-Go Boots and come on a ride,
that Banana Boat Bike is now by your side.

“The Game of Life” is really very much the same, the calls today are just in a much different frame.

“GI Joe” is still here, “American Bandstand” gone, Dick Clark had it right with his music and his songs.

We ran with “The Mosquito Man” in our neighborhoods with ease, breathing in all DDT in the cool evening breeze.

We’d go in to use our “Easy Bake”, the oven with the light, and all of our doors would be open every single night.

We still fear “Cooties” and are wary each and every day, even with “Monopoly”, we have lost our way.

Rock ‘Em Sock “Em Robots were as rough as we could be because we’d get a lickin’ and we didn’t wait and see.

Ed Sullivan, the Hillbillies, and Gilligan are missed, the Kardashians replaced the Kennedy’s now on the list.

No Joplin or Smokey, no Stevie Wonder or Babe Ruth, the politicians “Don’t Spill the Beans”, and they don’t tell the truth.

Remember the fun commercials for cereal and toys, they have been replaced with medicines and a lot of noise.

Chutes and Ladders” were “Groovy” and “Hip” at that time, “Bummer” and “Far out” and “Mellow” were just fine.

Twiggy is still skinny and watching our weight is all the rage, but wait just a minute now, let us turn another page.

We play “Wordle” with our language, and “twister” with our jobs, we twitter and we Instagram, and the politicians rob.

Take your time in reading here, there is much to digest my dears.

The connections are deep and strong, but you must be open to playing along.

Civil Rights still exist with Barbie gender strife, “Etch a Sketch” scribes violence like a pack of knives.

Lava Lamps and technology are really quite a thing, while “Mystery Date” games and Match-ups still want us to “Swing”.

No one wants to “Go to the Head of the Class” with Covid, shootings, and education masks.

Duck and cover, atomic attack, and “shelter in place”, keep kids under desks and all in a race.

The “Walk on the Moon” is now far in the stars, the whole thing really is quite bizarre.

Everyone is still having a “revolution” on earth, the “Battleship” game is alive and well in the dirt.

Uncle Wiggly” game is still here, just take a look, we even fear the priests, my dear, they use the blessed book.

Troll” dolls are monsters that are secret everywhere, the “Cool Cats”, interest rates and the economy doesn’t care.

“Sorry” is still the name of the current game, the years reflect all of the same incredible pain.

Fun commercials have gone quite awry, Medical News is now all on the sly.

Life Magazine is the same from the start, some news is discouraging, nowhere left to “Dart”.

“Green Ghosts” are still here as we move into space, and the games are still going with “Mille Bornes” the race.

Foodies watch TV as “Candyland” is near, they hoot and holler and then have a cheer.

Fluffernutter” is still found in our stores, go dance with a “Twist” and then have some more.

Food of the 60s has changed Oh so much, what happened to tuna casseroles and spam for lunch?

Spaghetti’s on Wednesdays and Fondue for a treat, hot dogs with mustard always seemed so “Neat”.

Sonny and Cher, Mr. Ed, and Batman have been replaced within our own TV land.

There’s Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, The Bachelor, Stranger Things and This is Us.

The Bucket O’ Fun is Dylan and Stones are still close by, they mimic life right to this day right on the fly.

Music is not really “Groovy”, “ Hip” or “Free”, and not a true manifestation of you and me.

The weed is no longer “secret”- Rock and Roll have soul, “East Money” is not found, and "Rocking Robots" take their toll.

“Peace Out” defines the culture of our times, “It’s a gas” was a term that today still rhymes.

To the youth today, come hear what I have to say, the Times been a-changin' - not in a great way.

Earn those torn jeans with sweat and work and more, don’t buy them all premade in a fancy store.

Care about education and your neighbors going by, regulate your weed, and don’t be forever high.

Be watchfully playing the “Feely Meely” game, keep your parts covered, it’s not your claim to fame.

Drink “Tang” without the booze, it’s still on the shelf, treasure your body always and watch out for yourself.

Pry away the computer and the IPhones of this day, Twitter, Insta, and Snap Chat all are now at prey.

Some mold the minds and skew the thoughts of eternal youth, so careful be the monitoring, it must foster truth.

Some may think this silly poem is too “Far Out” to see, but some of us understand “The Last Straw” is meant to be.

Ancient Spirit is energy so please be aware, you are what you live so my darlings, Please Take Care.

Some things in life are a “Bummer” for that is truly sure, but with good friends and clear minds, you will happily endure.

“Dig it” or not, the truth has been told, love and embrace life and you will never be old.

“The 60s were a leap in human consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, and Mother Teresa — led a revolution of conscience. The Beatles, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix created revolution and evolution themes. The music was like Dalí, with many colors and revolutionary ways. The youth of today must go there to find themselves.” Carlos Santana

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