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An Ode to Humans in 2022 - A Poem

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The purpose of an ode is to be a formal, lyrical poem, often ceremonious that expresses intense emotion. Initially constructed Greek odes were poetic pieces eventually set to music. Odes vary in stanza and form.

There has always been hate I am not going to lie,
the times were a-changin' in eons gone by.
With Dylan and Beatles, Baez and the Stones,
U2 and Bruce we were never alone.
With Marley and Guthrie, Nelson and the Rage
kids and old hippies weren't alone on the stage.

A poet and musician I surely am not,
I am a simple teacher with tears in her heart.
I ask that you listen and pray for us all,
my mind is pure energy and the spirit’s the call.

The pen serves the paper in soul-speak my dears
to tell of our minds and hear of our fears.
Kids should be playing, not hiding at desks
in lockdowns at schools all in distress.

Police walk our halls and try to protect,
and politicians and admin try to deflect.
Adults argue endlessly and can never agree,
as the life of childhood is running in sprees.

We have to do better, this is a shout-
Adults save our kids that's all it's about. Our rights and our laws have forgotten the core,
Save all our children for all to endure.
A life amidst hate is no life at all, Please gather in peace and heed the call.

My dear souls in heaven your love is alive,
and the globe grieves your loss as your families survive. Your deaths and the cost here are way too great,
Words fail to express, that the earth here now shakes.
Know that your love here will never leave,
You have given our earth your breath in the breeze.

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