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The impact musicians have on the planet promotes not only a spirit of unity but one of peace. It is more than inspiration, it moves the heart. Teaching in New Jersey is quite a progressive task in this era. When a teacher has the tools to motivate students through music in areas of English, language, grammar, and history, it changes lives. Often people write, sell and move forward in the music industry.

Sometimes we all need to look back. The legacy is not only for the masses, sales and concert-goers. It is so much more in-depth. Maybe that element gets lost when you are famous. I have no idea. What I do know is that I tear at what is going on within the global situation. The current events are horrifying across the globe. What I do know is musicians have more of an impact than they realize as they sit, have coffee, and ponder life. We need you out here guys. All of you. Whether you are traveling the globe and singing your heart out or strumming in a small shore cafe--know that you are valued beyond measure.

All of this has absolutely nothing to do with money- it has to do with spirit. It is deep. You had the calling when you began. I just want you to look back, remember it, and continue to write. This is a call to action. Keep writing, producing, and helping us to help our youth. They are our future. Let that be the focus for all of our children.

I am a member of Teach Rock as put forth by Lil Stevie and thank you all for your continued inspiration for our youth. These times of teaching in a small High School in Northern Jersey call for lyrics documenting our insane time on the planet. We are living history.

I need musicians to know young hippies are still alive — we need your touch to continually inspire our youth. Keep on…please…we thank you…you are heard…now go create…we need you…

This is an abecedarian poem — a poem completed alphabetically.
And What a Time it Was© Brooklyn Muse

And then I heard upon the wind

Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven rock lyrics,

Calming spirits-

Designing thoughtful meditation,

Earthly melodies-

For us to savor,

Gently assisting us.

Heaven can not


Just how

Key their

















Home- TeachRock TeachRock empowers teachers and engages students by using popular music. It literally "changes" all of us in the education of our youth.
And What a Time It Was© Brooklyn Muse

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