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A Poem about Spirit

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This poem is about lifting the veil we each have before taking on human form. Random rememberings and notions of spirits. Faded thoughts may resonate with the reader and awaken personal memories.

Life Before - Life After

I remember the box of orbs and the race,

the soul's dash to be heard, and the frantic pace.

They all yearned to be chosen to have a chance once more

to make good on the lessons they failed before.

I remember choosing my parents- if the truth were told,

challenges I would have as I was about to grow old.

I remember the heaviness of spirits' lost sense,

the pain of lost lightness as the body got dense.

I remember the angst of the “guardians” left behind,

some of the faces, and their promises of all kinds.

I wondered where they have been as my life moved along,

I cried and I longed for their lyrics and song.

The guardians and me, the pledges were made,

the more I grow older I see in the shade.

For them to assist in this learning planet earth

has been a long way from my original birth.

I am sure they are there through the veil while I pause,

I greet them in dreams with my grand applause.

Embracing the sacred spirit is slow progress at best,

Striving to be true before I can rest.

All days I do pray for myself and my kin,

my world and its pain is far without sin.

Stillness is the key in the hectic world of life,

the touch of the ancestors amidst all the strife.

I think I can help my forefathers in turn,

but I need to be steadfast to listen, to learning.

I seek to grasp knowledge this time around,

recalling both worldly and spiritual lessons found.

I am neither poet nor writer in form,

I feel like a spirit held down in a storm.

We remember so little of eons before,

Is it the same on the other side of the door?

Does spirit get frustrated with times gone by?

Try to rectify the mistakes they made on the fly?

The earth as it turns mirrors the heavens above,

we are all here together to learn and to love.

The clouds of our memories hold the connections apart,

the work of the lightkeepers was here from the start.

It may be that we are to learn from our core,

or do we just fade and overthink all the more?

Does anyone get what I am putting down,

or am I a weirdo with thoughts on the ground?

The best I can figure is steadfast with grace,

we may work together for the good of the race.

The questions are many, and the answers are few,

working in kindness may be all we can do.

I know this is odd, delete it if you must-

I embrace all I am in spirit and dust.

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