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An Abecedarian Poem is a poem that is completed alphabetically. In its earliest document English use, the term abecedarian refers to "one learning the rudiments of something". In the early 1600s, it meant someone that was beginning to learn the use of the alphabet. The term was created using the combination of the letters A, B, C, D, and the suffix. The echo of that initial pronunciation can still be heard in the original dialect of the word. The adjective itself appeared decades later in the English language. The following is a true story using the abecedarian format for your contemplation and enjoyment.

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I Live in a Tree House

and then I found among the trees

beyond the sky and forest a

crafted home with style and grace

designed amidst the tranquil trail.

eagles floated swiftly above

flying gently on the breeze with

grace, I just knew this was my calling.

home in the woods was to be my

inspiration for the next chapter in life.

just as I began this dream,

I knelt in fervent prayer,


manifesting this sacred

nest to write and draw and dream.

Over the mountain, I saw a new

perspective on my life.

quietly I reflected and scribed,

reading and meditating in my

soul space each new day.

the trees had the breath of the spirit

unseen to all but me, voices spoke strongly to my soul

why have I been drawn here, so blessed to live this life?

Xanadu, my idyllic home,

yes, I have found my heaven here,

zen tranquility has found my spirit.

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