A Poem on Aging

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Aging in the Shadows© Brooklyn Muse

Tell Me.

Tell me please about your life, the library within. Tell me all you've read and learned, the spaces and the sins.

Tell me of your loves and losses, the chapters that bind your soul. Tell me the desires of the heart you have never told.

Tell me how your voice has changed among the tattered pages. Tell me how it's different now, the yellowing of ages.

Tell me you don't waste time and laugh among the trees. Tell me how the animals speak in the cool evening breeze.

Tell me how your mind has grown in this earthly life. Tell me how you navigated through all the worldly strife.

Tell me of the cloudy days, the rain, the snow, and the sleet. Tell me of the glory days, the sun, the waves, and the heat.

Tell me your branches stretch and connect to the sun. Tell me your soul music sings we are all just one.

Tell me your roots are deep and still filled with thunder. Tell me of your imagination and your world of wonder.

Tell me you realize we can now be bolder. Tell me life is different now that we are older.

Tell me how the silent spirit reverberates within. Tell me how material things are not a way to win.

Tell me how the stars have helped you along the way. Tell me the legacy you give me on this day.

Tell me the truth of you- no edits to the self. Tell me of those pages you left on the shelf.

Tell me that you understand the words I am putting down. Tell me that the last chapter has just been found.

New Beginnings© Brooklyn Muse

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