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Is Education a Game?© Brooklyn Muse

Games are played every day. Board games, card games, word games, etc. The Brain Teaser game of late is education. Teachers, students, staff, and administration throughout the globe dance through protocols, laws, and curricula to best serve their individual communities.

We move through all of the mask mandates, sanitizing and distancing in our schools. We listen for changes in laws, district policies amid parent needs. We navigate books that may offend, gender issues, and critical race theory. We attempt to “explain” our current global situation with current events and make connections to our world.

Those connections to the “why” of education are the tricky part. Motivating young high school teens to make the connections of what is happening today and its effect on their lives of tomorrow is the goal. We try to show them that they are living history. They are primary sources of a pandemic, virtual learning, schools in disarray, and employment in crisis. They are living the reality of the invasion of Ukraine, the politics of today.

Games are made to be played. The winners understand critical thinking and action. As parents and teachers, it is our role to instill personal decision-making, solid debate, and research to understand others. Navigating teen Snapchat, Insta, TikTok, Discord, YouTube, VRchat to have them engage in reality is a challenge. Our world is changing at a furious pace, the learning loss is real. The game on the planet is not necessarily won or lost anymore. It is to learn, accept and be kind to others.

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