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Governor Murphy will announce today new updates on the Covid virus and its impact on New Jersey Schools. Many schools have opted to go remote for a short time following the holiday break. Governor Phil Murphy said the state is doing "everything possible to keep kids safely and responsibly in person and in school."

As I sit in a high school classroom today, there are 1 in every 4 students absent. They are remote learning as we balance both in class and video learners. There are 10 teachers absent and finding coverage is difficult at best. The school resource system for substitute teachers has been flooded with requests. In New Jersey school districts pay substitute teachers between $65 and $95 a day. The pay is determined by each individual school board. Substitutes, therefore, generally go to the higher paying districts. In addition, each district is state mandated for specific Covid school regulations including substitute teachers and district personnel.

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The students in these high school classes are respectful. They are abiding by the regulations set by the state and school district. Their angst is evident. Questions arise now with seniors about SAT’s, college essays and the need to learn to succeed.They are mature enough to have a general realization of the impact of education on their lives. They are concerned with college applications and their future endeavours.

The impact of this global pandemic has had a plot twist with some students.
Instead of lack of motivation, there is an increased awareness to strive to move forward.
This innate motivation is both for those in class and virtual.

Surely there will continue to be detrimental effects of Covid education from the past year and a half. This impact on many, including special needs, cannot be negated. However, in these times some students are realizing the need for solid education and academic connections amid the world of chaos and confusion that has become their lives.
Some students are putting away their tiktok, snapchat and instagram and coming to the forefront with hopes for a better tomorrow.

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