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Veracity Foodie Report – Fajitas Mexican Grill - 4696 Presidential Pkwy, Macon, GA 31206

Brooklyn Lassiter

With such a shortage of quality Mexican eateries in Georgia, our team decided to try their luck with the Fajitas that sits next to Golden Corral, on Presidential Parkway in Macon
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Our foodie crew found themselves out and about and craving some quality Mexican cuisine. The only problem… when you’re craving good Mexican food, where in Central Georgia do you go?

That day, they opted for Fajitas, a relatively small but beautifully decorated Mexican restaurant on Presidential Parkway in Macon. Like most places in that part of town, the restaurant sits in a small strip mall where most of the other retail stores closed and left long ago. It’s actually kind of depressing, but it does allow for slightly more convenient parking.

Be that as it may, the restaurant itself is easy to find because it happens to sit only about a football field away from the much larger Golden Corral restaurant which features a huge sign that is visible even from the interstate. Bottom line, look for the Golden Corral signage and it will also take you right to Fajitas.

This restaurant is absolutely beautiful inside. Stunningly vivid colors, incredibly authentic and upbeat Mexican music, and just the right amount of Mexican wall art and décor, really work well together to bring the ambiance of our Southern neighbor right here into middle Georgia – at least as long as you’re inside Fajitas.
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Our team found the combination so enjoyable that they actually took a short video clip of the scene so that you could also experience a snippet of the complete atmosphere inside Fajitas.

You can view that short video in the version of this article that is published on our website:

Fajitas Mexican Grill - Presidential Parkway, Macon, GA

Whenever you go to Fajitas, after being seated, you’re promptly provided with hot, freshly made on-site nacho chips along with some of the most delicious salsa our group has ever tasted. They are actually quite addictive so fortunately, they will continue to bring you as many as you like absolutely free of charge – our team got about three baskets and four bowls of salsa so – yes, they are THAT good – at least until later, when, it’s time to get rid of them, but that’s another matter. As they say, no pain, no gain!
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On this trip, our team opted not to get an appetizer and just to throw themselves into the nachos and salsa. When it was time to order, our crew went with the Stuffed Chicken, and the Loaded Texas Fajitas with Steak, Shrimp, Chicken, and all the fixins you could want.
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The food arrived after just about ten minutes, and it was nothing short of exceptional. The stuffed Chicken was packed with gooey goodness, and the Texas Fajita meat mix was still super sizzling when it was delivered to the table – a Fajitas tradition and an amazing experience that assaults all of your senses as soon as the sizzling pan is set before you.
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Our crew was so stuffed after making their way through those entrees that they said they couldn’t even consider dessert, so they decided to leave it there for this trip.

The total meal came to just over $40.00 and our foodies didn’t hesitate to tell us the meal and the experience were more than well worth it.
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Our overall grade: A


The Positives:

1. The quality of the food was exceptional

2. The restaurant and restrooms were very clean and attractive, producing only good aromas

3. The cost was well befitting of the food quality and overall experience

4. The quantity of food for the money, (portion sizes) we found to be an exceptionally good value

The Negatives:

1. There were simply no negatives that we encountered during this visit

We hope you enjoyed this edition of The Veracity Foodie Report, and that it helps you in selecting where next to spend your hard-earned dining-out dollars.

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