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At Denver’s newest pop-up restaurant, a blindfold is required

Brittany Anas
A dining in the dark pop-up is coming to Denver in December.Hidden Denver

By Brittany Anas / NewsBreak Denver

(Denver, CO) You’ve been to a dimly lit restaurant before. But have you ever dined completely in the dark, with a blindfold on and left to determine what you’re eating without being able to see it?

On Dec. 18, Denver’s newest restaurant experience called “Pitch Black” will pop up and diners with reservations will be served from a “mystery menu.” There’s an option between a meat or vegetarian menu, and although the courses are kept a secret, the pop-up can accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies.

The idea, according to the organizers? Dining in the dark and absent of distractions can heighten your senses so that you’re more reliant on taste, smell and mouthfeel as opposed to the appearance of the dishes in front of you.

Reservations are required for the 90-minute, three-course dinners, with seating times available at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Dec. 18. Tickets cost $85 and are now on sale. The pop-up will take place at Roxy on Broadway, 554 S. Broadway.

Daring diners who embark on the sensory-deprived dinner will enter a warmly lit room before the lights dim, and they’re handed a blindfold.

Would you be able to distinguish what you were eating if you couldn’t see it?

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