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How a Colorado hot springs recreates Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Brittany Anas
Iceland's Blue Lagoon is rich in the silica.(Jeff Sheldon / Unsplash)

By Brittany Anas / NewsBreak Denver

(Glenwood Springs, CO) Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is one of those places you see on Instagram and immediately want to transport to—the images of the milky blue waters nestled between outcrops of black volcanic rocks are absolutely striking.

But to hold you over until you make it to the “Land of Fire and Ice,” did you know there’s a mini Blue Lagoon-like experience close to home in Colorado?

At Iron Mountain Hot Springs, a resort in Glenwood Springs, hot spring bathers can take relaxing soaks in the “Experience Pool,” which has a rotating mix of minerals that mimic some of the world’s greatest hot springs, including Iceland’s most photographed pool.

The reason the Blue Lagoon gets its signature soft blue color can be credited to the silica, one of the most common minerals found in the Earth’s crust, that reflects in the sunlight. To recreate the experience, Iron Mountain’s “Silky Silica Spring” incorporates silica, which is known as a “beauty mineral” because it promotes the production of collagen, which gives your skin a supple, youthful appearance.
The Experience Pool at Iron Mountain Hot Springs has silica in it, much like the Blue Lagoon.Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs trades out the recipes it uses for its Experience Pool, borrowing inspiration from the waters of Kinosaki, Japan, which has existed for more than 1,300 years and is rich in calcium, bicarbonate and sodium. A Buddhist monk is credited with bringing forth the town’s healing hot spring water when he traveled to the town looking for a way to save people suffering from illness. Today, the hot springs waters are sought out by those facing fatigue, digestive issues, nerve, and muscle pain.

With its “Elevating Lithium Spring” pool, Iron Mountain also draws stateside inspiration from the waters of Hot Springs, Montana that are rich in lithium, boron and bicarbonate. As a nod to its hot springs, the town has a motto: “Limp in, leap out.”

Iron Mountain Hot Springs also announced that it will soon open an “Upriver” section that will be an adult-only collection of 10 riverside pools. Those pools are in addition to the 16 geothermal pools at the hot springs that range in temps from 98 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit and a freshwater family pool.

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