Survey reveals the 15 most annoying things you can do on an airplane

Brittany Anas
Security lines have been longer than usual at Denver International Airport.Denver International Airport

By Brittany Anas / NewsBreak Denver

(Denver, CO) Not only is Denver International Airport under construction, but it’s also the third busiest airport in the world.

Recently, customer satisfaction scores dropped, placing DIA below average in the large airport category.

Suffice it to say, with all the hustle and bustle and construction confusion, annoyances can crop up with fellow travelers.

Before you even make it on the plane, there are hold-ups in already long security lines at DIA as fellow passengers put their belts and jackets back on leading to a multi-bin pile up on the conveyor belt.

The trains between concourses get delayed as frazzled travelers try to hop on at the last minute, re-opening the doors.

And, if you’ve ever tried to make it to your gate on a tight connection, the people who stand still and hog the moving walkways while scrolling their phones, will make you groan.

But what about on the airplane itself? What are the biggest etiquette faux-pas?

In a survey of nearly 1,100 American adults, The Vacationer, a travel site, pinpointed the biggest pet peeves on airplanes.

Here they are ranked. Which ones resonate most with you?

No. 1: Kicking the back of your seat — 59.11 percent

No. 2: Drunk and disruptive — 59.11 percent

No. 3: Smells from poor hygiene or too much cologne or perfume — 48 percent

No. 4: Inattentive parents or poor parenting — 46.81 percent

No. 5: Eating pungent or foul-smelling foods — 39.80 percent

No. 6: Hogs the armrests — 39.07 percent

No. 7: Reclines seat fully in front of you — 38.25 percent

No. 8: Talks to you too much — 29.87 percent

No. 9: Boards or deplanes out of turn — 29.60 percent

No. 10: Listens to music or movies too loudly — 28.96 percent

No. 11: Takes off shoes — 23.59 percent

No. 12: Flirting with you, passengers or flight attendants — 21.89 percent

No. 13: Gets up to use restroom or stretch too much — 19.95 percent

No. 14: Uses overhead bin space many rows in front of seat — 18.12 percent

No. 15. Overly affectionate couples — 14.12 percent

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