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Make this refreshing two-ingredient cocktail with your Palisade peaches

Brittany Anas
Pair iichiko Shochu and peach juice for a perfect summer sipper.Brittany Anas

By Brittany Anas / NewsBreak Denver

(Denver, Colo) Last Friday afternoon, I got a delightfully creative out-of-office reply from a colleague: She provided a two-ingredient cocktail recipe to sync up with peach season. (Worth noting: I'm a writer who works mainly in the food and travel space—there’s lots of room for fun in our e-mail signatures!)

I just so happened to have hauled home a bunch of fresh peaches from a trip to Palisade the week prior and decided to put my fuzzy fruit to good use for an at-home happy hour. The recipe did the juicy peaches justice, and it’s an easy one that all stone fruit lovers should know. But I didn’t want to wait until my next vacation (and risk missing prime peach season) to share it with the masses.

A riff on the Chuhai, a Japanese cocktail usually made with shochu and carbonated water flavored with lemon, this drink calls for iichiko Shochu and peach juice. For the uninitiated, shochu is a clear spirit more popular than sake in Japan. Although it’s been around for years and is incredibly popular in Japan, shochu is still breaking into the American drinking culture, according to Tetsuro Miyazaki the General Manager of iichiko USA.

This expression from iichiko is filtered through volcanic rock. It has a little bit of an umami flavor when mixed in cocktails as well as tasting notes that include peach, honeydew melon and white pepper.

Here's how to make a perfect, DIY cocktail with your own peach stash:



  • Mix your iichiko Saiten with the fruit juice. Use a bar spoon to stir.
  • Garnish with a peach slice.


  • *To make fresh peach juice, peel and pit your peaches. I added two peaches and 1/2 cup of water to a blender, and it yielded about 1 1/2 cups of fresh peach juice that I’ve been using in cocktails. The juice was sweet enough it didn’t need any sugar.
  • If you haven't gotten your hands on Palisade peaches yet this season, Trader Joe's has a nice peach juice that makes for a suitable mixer.
  • You could also do a 1:1 ratio of shochu and juice, which is an easy summer sipper.

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