Two Unconventional Ways to Tell if You are Truly Loved by “The One.”


You might notice a theme here — it’s the thought that counts. When someone makes an effort to see you for who you truly are and recognize your strengths and weaknesses, that’s love.

Anything from a thoughtful gift to holding your hair back when your sick can make you feel seen. It’s truly not the act that matters but the intention that they put behind the act.

Do they show you that they pay attention to what makes you tick? Do they give you space to be yourself? Do you have the freedom and trust to pursue your passions? Do they surprise you with the little things to make you smile?

If you feel loved to your core, just as you are, then they could be The One.

If you're struggling to understand if your partner is the right person for you, here are two unique ways to see if they're "The One".

Does your significant other do either of these things?
How can you tell if they truly love you?Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

They Leave You Sticky Notes on the Bathroom Mirror.

No, not a “Honey Do” list. More like an “I’m thinking of you, have a great day” note.

My partner’s love language is Words of Affirmation. Mine is decidedly the opposite — I’m not a words person. However, he started leaving me love notes before we even began dating. Just simple “I was thinking about you all day today” and “I hope one day I have the confidence in myself that you have in me.” Really sappy stuff.

You know what? I felt so loved seeing those notes!

They didn’t have to be elaborate, either. Sometimes just a “hey, you’re cute” with a smiley face did wonder for my mood. Those notes were actually what convinced me to pursue a relationship.

Having someone remind you, simply and without fanfare, that they are thinking of you is a true sign of being loved. It can take many forms, but the love note is classic.

In a day where everything is virtual, having that small physical reminder is an unexpected way of showing affection. The key is, though, what they’re saying has to be heartfelt and true.

They Know When to Leave You The Heck Alone.

Seriously, they give you space. They don’t show jealousy at you having a life outside of them.

Especially in new relationships, it can seem like you want to be together all the time. However, everyone needs passions outside of their relationship.

There is trust shown in the act of leaving a partner alone.

It could be truly “alone time” for you to read a book, take a walk, or pursue a hobby. This could also manifest in giving you the space you need to have friendships outside of your relationship.

For instance, I have a good friend that I have known for years. We were firefighters together. This friend happens to be a man, and as a bisexual woman, this friend falls into the category of someone that my partner could choose to be jealous of if he were insecure in our relationship.

My partner doesn’t even bat an eye when I inform him I’m hanging out with my male friend alone.

My partner also doesn’t make any fuss when I say I’d like some alone time to watch my favorite show, read a book, a take a long walk downtown on my own. My partner doesn’t protest when I want to have drinks with my girlfriends.

This kind of behavior shouldn’t be unusual. The One for you will not be jealous or controlling when they do not need to be. They will show you time and again that they trust and value your relationship.

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