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On a Budget? Right Now You Can Book These 4 Trips for Under $300 RT.


Hey! Anyone else in St. Louis getting a bit restless? Well, I've put together a list of budget flights that you can book from Lambert right now.

That's right—roundtrip flights from St. Louis Lambert Airport for under $300. You're welcome!

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Flying During a Pandemic

Regardless of if you're currently vaccinated, remember that you need to take precautions still if you choose to fly or travel right now. You'll need to follow a couple of rules if you fly either domestically or internationally. For one, any flight originating in St. Louis will require you to wear a mask while onboard - without exception.

Of course, stay home if you are sick! Cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze. Maintain good social distance, and wash your hands often. Obviously, these are things you've hopefully been doing for the last year, but it doesn't hurt to remind you.

If you choose to leave the United States, you will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon your re-entry to the country. This is regardless of your vaccine status and regardless of where outside the United States you have traveled. Every inbound passenger to the USA must have a test prior to boarding their plane. Luckily, most airlines and resorts are prepared for this. However, if you're traveling on a budget, this is something you should account for: you might have to pay to get your test expedited.

You also need to triple-check if you will be allowed into a country when you book a flight deal! Mexico, for instance, is letting American's in with little to no issue. If you're on a budget, Mexico is a great option right now. However, Canada has closed borders with the United States until at least the end of April. Even if you find a killer flight deal, don't book it unless it's far enough out that you can comfortably cancel your plans!

You can read more about travel guidelines here. Be sure to always triple-check with the CDC and US State Department prior to traveling to be on the safe side.

How to Fly on a Budget

I travel a lot, and oftentimes for my job. Plus, I grew up in the Lou, and "I got this from a thrift store" was a whole way of life for me. Budget travelers - I got you.

Here are a few "must know" tips about catching flights on a budget:

  • Make sure you know if your cheap flight deal is hiding hidden fees: are your carry-on bags included in your ticket price? You might be surprised which airlines don't include luggage.
  • Be flexible about where you're going and when. It's a great idea to book fights first and figure everything else out later. That way, you can pick the cheapest flight to the cheapest destination without much hassle.
  • Flight alerts are your friend!
  • Remember that flight deals don't last. They are very ephemera "here today, gone tomorrow" types of things. It's going to be a hit or miss; however, you can use a fight deal list like this one to guide you to find cheap flights.

4 Flights Under $300 Right Now

The best deal I found was Sunday, May 2nd, until Thursday, May 6th. This flight is through Frontier and doesn't include baggage!

The best deal I found was for Saturday, May 15, through Wednesday, May 19th. The flight is through Frontier and doesn't include baggage. However, most flights to Miami are around $200 or less through the end of the summer.

It's actually pretty hard to find a flight this cheap to Alaska under normal circumstances. The entire month of May, flights to Anchorage dip down to the mid to upper $300s for a roundtrip flight through Delta. Delta's basic economy includes a carry-on bag!

Flights to Sin City are usually a great bet if you're looking for a cheap trip. During May, I found several RT $99 flights from the Lou to Vegas on Frontier.

Throughout June, this deal keeps popping up. It is through Spirit Airlines, so it doesn't include baggage. It's not under $300 - but it's pretty darned close!

Points to Remember

So there you have it - flight deals from STL to your next dream vacation - all of them cheap as can be! You really lucked out finding these, didn't you?

Just remember that there are a few key tips to finding flight deals, like setting up flight alerts and ensuring that you've got your baggage squared away. Plus, you know that just because some people have gotten vaccinated doesn't mean that COVID flight rules go out the window! Make sure you're taking care to remain safe, no matter where you're traveling this summer.

Have fun!

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