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4 Flights Under $300 You Can Catch from SLC This Month


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So let's get this out of the way right now: it's absolutely OK if you really don't feel comfortable catching a flight right now. It's still a pandemic, after all. Cases are still not anywhere near where they probably should be, and no matter where you go in the world, you'd still need to wear a mask in public.

So maybe you took a look at that headline and thought, "Oh hell no!". That's your prerogative, and I don't blame you for it! You feel free to do you, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Now, for those who feel comfortable traveling right now, here's the good stuff: flights from SLC that you can catch in April. For under $300 RT.

To be clear, these flight deals aren't an excuse to go hog-wild and spread around a nasty pandemic. You're going to want to maintain your COVID practices while you fly, no matter where you might be going. That is: wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often. Definitely don't fly if you're feeling sick or if you've been exposed to the virus. Let's keep each other safe, people!

Now that we've got that out of the way let's talk flights! I'm known far and wide as the budget flight queen. I find ridiculous flight deals - like this one time, I found a deal from Salt Lake City International Airport to Sydney, Australia for $495 roundtrip, which is an insane deal, folks.

I didn't find anything quite that crazy, but I did find a couple of tropical vacays for all of you who are willing to take them. That means sun, sand, and surf people! These flights are way too good to pass up, and all of them are under $300 for a roundtrip ticket for one.

Now, a word of caution - flight prices change. Often. Quickly, in fact. These flight deals are only for reference! However, if I found a cheap flight to an area, know that means that you'll probably be able to find a very similarly priced deal as well. Provided, of course, that you don't wait too long to book it.

The sweet spot for flights is 4-6 weeks out. So these mostly focus on deals at the end of April and peaking into the beginning of May.

Also, make sure that you are checking baggage policies. Like Frontier, which frequently has insane flight prices, some airlines don't include baggage fees in their prices. That means you might have to pay for your carry-on. So either learns to pack a crazy efficient "personal item" or be prepared to pay a bit extra for a carry-on or checked bag.

Good luck, folks, and happy vacationing!

1. RT to Fort Myers, Florida

If you want to stay in the contiguous USA, why not Florida? Flights to Fort Myers are as low as $49 round trip, not including baggage fees. I found this fare through Frontier Airlines. The cheapest dates found started April 23rd and extended through the end of the month!

2. RT to New Orleans, Louisiana

Sticking with the good ole Mainland 'Merica, New Orleans is always a good option. Frontier, unsurprisingly, has the cheapest deals this month. However, if you want to feel less like anchovy in a tin and more like a human on your flight, you can stick with Delta instead. A one-week trip starting Tuesday, April 20th, will set you back about a $291 roundtrip.

3. RT to Cancún, Mexico

If you have your passport ready and are itching to leave the country, why not Mexico? Canún is ready to accept you this month! Frontier has flights as low as $254 round trip to this tropical, sunshine paradise for the savviest of budget travelers. The dates I found were from Monday, April 12th, until April 21st.

4. RT to St. Thomas, USVI

If the Caribbean is calling your name, hop on this Frontier flight to the United States Virgin Islands. I found flights as low as $220 round trip, starting from April 13th until April 20th.

If none of these strike your fancy - or if you truly hate having to pay for checked baggage (I get it), check back this week for my post on Flight Deals from Salt Lake City You Can Snag Right Now (That Don't Include Frontier).

Happy Travels, Folks!

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