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Two Day Trips from Phoenix You Must Take This Spring

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Spring has sprung, folks! What a perfect time to explore the great state of Arizona before the hot summer hits all of us and forces us to stay indoors (or near a pool).

Phoenix itself is an amazing place in the spring, but why not go on a little trip to fully enjoy the state? There is no shortage of amazing day trips from Phoenix. Day trips allow you to enjoy a new place while being close enough to home to sleep in your own bed at night (and who doesn’t love their own bed, right?).

Luckily for all of us, there is no shortage of fun things to do within a few hours’ drive of Downtown Phoenix. You don’t need to drive for days just to get somewhere amazing! Instead, you can hop in the car and take a quick jaunt to world-class food, hiking, and scenery.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do one fine day this spring, why not head out and explore one of these day trips. These close-to-home adventures are perfect for foodie tours, culture trips, and day-long hikes.

Take a Foodie Trip Through a UNESCO City of Gastronomy

There are only two UNESCO designated Cities of Gastronomy in the United States. Basically, a City of Gastronomy is chosen because the city has particular ways of creating food and sustaining food culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. These cities must meet a number of requirements, including showcasing sustainable, local ingredients.

The first city on the UNESCO list is San Antonio, Texas. The second is a bit closer to home: Tucson, Arizona!

Tucson is well known for its Sonoran-style Mexican food. The city was chosen to be a UNESCO site because of this culinary distinctiveness. Additionally due to the rich agricultural history in the area, and thriving Mexican-desert food culminating in a uniquely Arizonian style of cooking.

So what are you waiting for? Take a day trip down to Tucson and get your grub on!

Take a Dip in a Remote Hot Spring

There are so many hot springs in Arizona that the Arizona Tourism Department wrote about it. Whether you prefer glamorous, celebrity-laden soaks at places like Castle Hot Springs or remote pools down dusty lanes ala El Dorado Hot Springs, AZ has got you covered.

The best part is that Phoenix Arizona is central to many of these watery gems.

There are many paid hot spring options that bring the full-spa experience to tourists and locals alike. However, the real fun starts when you have to hike to your destination - don’t you agree?

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure than a well-maintained luxury pool (or if you’re just trying to save some cash), hike into a more remote destination. Verde River Hot Springs is at least a mile hike in and has no amenities to offer besides hot water. Beware - nudists love this place!

So, which trip are you taking this spring?

So which of these little close-to-home adventures peaked your fancy? Was it the foodie trip to one of the United States’ only UNESCO-certified Cities of Gastronomy? Was it a hiking trip to a gorgeous National Forest? I bet you absolutely loved the idea of the hot spring, didn’t you?

No matter what you chose, be sure to stay COVID safe and responsible this spring. These trips allow you to explore the State while making it home in time to catch some Zzz’s in your own bed. Perfect for budget-conscious travelers, local connoisseurs, and those who don’t have the time to explore far and wide right now!

Happy travels, folks.

If you're eager for more, keep an eye out for parts two and three. They're scheduled for later this month!

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