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Portland is the undisputed champ of the Tiny House phenomenon. It usually doesn’t get much trendier than Portland, Oregon anyway, and what is trendier than a Tiny House? Almost nothing.

If you don’t want to live in a Tiny House - and I don’t blame you - you can undoubtedly vacation in one! These small houses have the potential to make a big vacation, with all the amenities you need to relax and while away the hours.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to vacation close to home in a responsible way. That’s why all of these tiny house beauties are close by. You don’t need to drive hours to have a vacation. After all, that’s why the staycation extravaganza was invented!

Have you staycationed before? Well, you’re in for a treat! Essentially, you take a new-to-you vacation, but you don’t go very far from your actual home. This still leaves you with all the perks of a real vacation - like not having to wash your bedsheets. You also can get the bonus of seeing your city from a different angle. In such an eclectic, bustling city like Portland, this can be a real treat.

In addition to the perks of a staycation, tiny houses themselves have a lot of extras. For one, they are environmentally friendly. Small dwellings have smaller footprints than the average US abode. This includes a smaller electricity output, smaller water usage, and literally, they are smaller, which means they take up far less land.

We all want and need to be more environmentally friendly these days. Combining a staycation, which will naturally use less gas or transportation costs, is a winning environmental combination with tiny houses. You can do something good for the environment and still get away for a weekend. Win, win!

As a side note, we are still under a pandemic, so it is more important than ever to be responsible for your vacation habits. Do not vacation while you are showing symptoms or if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19. Wash your hands often and sanitize your hands frequently as well. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and remember to mask up!

Enjoy your vacay!

This Container Suite in Milwaukie

To start off this luxury listing, the Milwaukie Container Suite has a wood-fired hot tub, sauna with a cold plunge pool, and a huge fire pit made out of an old buoy. That doesn’t even cover the inside of this adorable tiny home!

The home features a queen Tempurpedic bed with blackout blinds so that you can watch Netflix or just sleep in. There is a quaint, basic kitchenette for you to store your leftovers and prepare your breakfast. The hosts have thought of everything, by the way, even including local pour-over coffee for you alongside raw Oregon honey.

The bathroom includes an incinerator toilet, which is environmentally friendly if a bit confusing to work at first. There is also an indoor rain shower complete with natural light, big enough for two.

About as romantic as it gets, Portland!

This Airy and Modern Loft in Piedmont

This modern loft gets so much sunlight that you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds! The lofted bed is tall enough for a grown man to stand under it without hitting their head, which is perfect because the living room area is under the loft. You won’t feel cramped here, folks!

The adorable, brick-exposed kitchenette features local teas and coffee, a mini-fridge, and a little burner to prepare your simple meals. The hosts have thought of everything with this kitchen: bubbly water, utensils and cookware, glasses, cream and sugar, and even homemade cookies waiting for you upon arrival.

The full bathroom is stocked with organic soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel just in case you forgot yours. The private entrance leads to a verdant and cozy garden - perfect for relaxing with a craft beer or cocktail in the evenings!

This Itty Bitty Farmhouse in Concordia

This little farmhouse is as rustic as you can get without being literally rustic. Perfectly decorated to feel like you’re staying on a vintage farm, without being kitschy or overdone. The gorgeous exposed-wood ceiling and white painted wood accents certainly help in that regard!

This tiny house includes a full kitchen with an induction stovetop, a full-sized fridge, and plenty of room to make your meals. There is even a washer and dryer combo in the kitchen, in case your clothing gets a little dirty over the weekend.

The simple but well-appointed bathroom includes a shower. The breakfast nook and dining room table combo are quaint and original without feeling cramped. Finally, there is a large bed situated at the opposite end of the house as the bathroom.

They say good things come in small packages. A saying that has never felt more true than in this tiny farmhouse!

This Garden Cottage in Monta-Villa

This secluded garden cottage will encourage a weekend stay full of relaxation and rest. This well-designed home is only 470 square feet, but will feel huge! All of the comforts of home await you here.

The loft area contains a comfy bed that can be split in two to serve your needs. Additionally, the sofa also converts into a bed and has a trundle bed underneath it. Meaning you can actually fit up to three guests in this home comfortably.

The small kitchen is well-stocked and even has an air fryer for your use. There is a dishwasher, minifridge, and two-burner induction stove for you to prepare light meals during your stay.

The small bathroom includes everything you might need for your stay; including a shower. The kitchen welcomes you with small, but thoughtful amenities like a Portland-made chocolate bar; northwest-made oatmeal for breakfast, locally-roasted and fair-trade coffees, and Portland’s own Stash Tea with premium local honey.

Guests are welcome to enjoy the local garden, complete with a patio table, benches, and bbq. Keep in mind that these are shared spaces with the hosts.

Now more than ever, it is so important to enjoy a responsible vacation. If you are dying to leave your house, these tiny homes could be a great option to get away from it all while maintaining responsibility.

Mainly because these tiny homes are close to your actual home, vacationing here will be a snap. Just ensure that you are following safe COVID practices, socially distancing, and being responsible with your vacation.

These tiny vacation homes will feel like a luxury hotel without a considerable carbon footprint. They use less water, energy, and space than traditional vacation rental, meaning they are far more environmentally friendly. You can vacation less and close to home while still enjoying a relaxing weekend away.

Which of these four tiny vacation homes is on your travel list?

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