Staycation Like a True Champ in One of These Tiny Houses Near Portland.


Portland doesn’t need an introduction to the Tiny House phenomenon. We invented the dang thing, am I right? Regardless, you might not actually be living in one. Unless you own your own property or got really lucky in the housing market, they aren’t necessarily everywhere. However, you can vacation in one!
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So Portland, spend your weekend staycationing like a rockstar in a tiny house. All of these beauties are only a few hour’s drives - or less - from the city. Each is ready for you, and your boot hangs to snuggle up together and while away the hours.

If you’ve never staycationed before, you’re in for a treat. Basically, you don’t go too far from your actual home, but you get all of the perks of a vacay. The short drive is better for the planet and your wallet. You still get to take in a new area like a local, explore some new hiking trails, or even chill in a nice relaxing apartment for a while.

Why should you stay in a tiny house? I didn’t hear you ask, but I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Tiny houses have a smaller footprint than the traditional American abode. That is, they use up less water, less heat, less energy, and of course, less physical space period.

This means that they are more environmentally friendly overall. We all know the importance of being more environmentally friendly in this day and age. Devastating wildfires are nothing new to our city, and they are often made worse through environmental degradation.

So, in addition to your normal bike riding over cars, farmers market shopping, zero-waste life, and anti-plastic agenda, why not give eco vacationing a try? Tiny houses are definitely not the only way to vacation sustainably, but they are one way to make less of an impact on the world.

Enjoy your staycation!

This Sweet and Simple Place in Vancouver, Washington

This simple little spot has what you’re really looking for - a memory foam mattress. It has a functional and surprisingly large kitchen, complete with a full fridge, sink, and induction range. The expertly decorated living room will invite you to relax and unwind after a hard day.

The large memory foam mattress is inviting and perfectly suited for couples. This tiny house is truly a studio, though, so it is built for a solo traveler or a couple only. The hosts live on the property, so they are always close by if you need them!

This Quiet and Bright Yellow Home in Sherwood

The first thing you’re going to note about this tiny house is that the exterior is a bright, welcoming yellow. What a way to start! The small home sits on a ‘tiny home resort” property that remains secluded enough to feel like a true vacation.

The kitchen includes a stovetop, mini-fridge, sink, and rolling pantry cart. There is a full-sized bath, cozy bed, and dining area. Everything is decorated in bright colors - you’ll truly feel at home!

This Lush Jungle-Like Tiny Treehouse in West Slope

If you want to vacation in a woodland getaway, this tiny treehouse home is for you. First of all, you need to cross a suspension bridge to even get to the vacation rental! To make sure you feel like you’re in a wooded wonderland for your entire stay, the deck overlooks the forest scene.

The bathroom features plenty of inspirational quotes to help you unplug. The tiny home inside is decorated sparsely, letting the rustic wood shine. At the end of the day, the sound of the creek rushing by will lull you into a peaceful sleep.

This Zen and Peaceful Retreat in Multnomah

This peaceful retreat will inspire you with calm and zen-like feelings during the duration of your vacation. The full kitchen has anything you could want to cook a meal - including a full-sized fridge. The cozy loft is where you will be sleeping, located up a sturdy set of wooden stairs.

The full-sized shower is shockingly spacious for such a small house. There is even a washer in the bathroom! The second loft bed (yes, the SECOND loft!) includes another full bed, although this second loft one must be reached by climbing a rung ladder. This tiny home can comfortably sleep up to four guests!

This Small Cabana in Brooklyn

This stylish little cabana is all you need for a short or long-term stay. The full kitchen even includes a full-sized stove and oven, which is rare in tiny homes. The bedroom features a queen-sized bed and can be closed off from the rest of the apartment.

The living area has a sofa, and you can easily turn the sofa into a bed, as well as a flat-screen TV. It’s the perfect place to relax. There is even a small dining area to eat, play board games, or even get a bit of work done. Space is decorated with a lot of natural light and real potted plants. The bathroom includes a corner toilet and an open plan shower - meaning it’s open to the room.

This Shockingly Spacious Place in Rockwood

This gorgeous home will make you think you’re living in a luxury apartment - not a tiny house. The full kitchen even has a complete oven and full refrigerator. There is also plenty of countertop space to prepare your meals. The hospitable owners of this tiny house have outfitted the place with everything you might need for your stay.

There are a cozy sitting area and even a dining area for you to relax or work in. The stairs leading up to the loft are sturdy and even have a railing for those who are uncomfortable on staircases. The bed is a generous queen. The wifi can be a bit unreliable - but do you really need wifi when you’re on vacation? I didn’t think so!

It’s so important now more than ever to vacation close to home in a responsible way. That’s why these tiny houses are near the city - so that you can feel like you’re on vacation without leaving the area.

Best of all, these tiny houses have the feel of luxury accommodations while still being eco-friendly and sustainable. They have a smaller electricity footprint and a smaller water footprint than normal vacation stays. These tiny homes will encourage you to live larger with less.

So, which of these environmentally friendly tiny houses are on your list?

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