Veteran Vietnam Era Air Force Weapons Systems Officer - Memories Of Being Stationed In Britain

From deploying his ejector seat over Vietnam and narrowly escaping the clutches of enemy forces, to his retirement from the American Air Force at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Terry is a natural storyteller and his stories are indeed heartwarming, funny, and at times, very moving and poignant. He was stationed in Britain from Feb 1973 - May 1976 at RAF Bentwaters, about 80 miles northeast of London, England. He was a member of the 92nd Squadron. Terry has fond memories of his time in Britain, really embracing the culture, and has visited several times since, with his wife, Georgianna. We are very honored and proud to present this fascinating memoir from USAF Air Force Veteran Terrence Murphy. Terry, thank you for your service. Thanks also to all of you who have served.

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