The USA's First EWG Verified Skin Care: Epicutis

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The USA's First EWG Verified Skin Care: EpicutisPhoto byEpicutis
The USA's First EWG Verified Skin Care: EpicutisPhoto byEpicutis
The USA's First EWG Verified Skin Care: EpicutisPhoto byEpicutis

Did you know that the United States has banned eleven skin care product ingredients, and The European Union has banned over 1600 ingredients? It makes you wonder. Why are so few ingredients banned in the United States, and why is the US so lenient with what comes in contact with our bodies? Believe it or not, “beauty doesn't have to be toxic,” according to Epicutis’ Lisa Johnson.

Epicutis was introduced to me by Dr. Ram at Anara Med Spa. The medical grade skincare brand is not new to the game, but new to the market. After formulating effective ingredients for other well-known skincare products on the market for years, Epicutis’ founders grew tired of their formulations being misused or turned into watered-down versions of their true potential. And so, Epicutis was born. 

Epicutis was created at Princeton University in New Jersey. With a resounding reaction to their products within the skincare community, Epicutis has expanded to Boulder, Colorado, and Irvine, California. 

The skincare brand was founded on the principle of simplicity; less is more. With their ingredient composition being only a handful of basics, the product delivers maximum results. The simplicity of their products also makes them an option for all skin types – which cannot be said for most mainstream skincare products. 

When thinking about other skincare products, Epicutis has set a standard in the United States by being recognized by the Environmental Working Group (EWG.) Since the United States has virtually no regulations when formulating skincare products, Epicutis’ recognition with EWG sets a new bar for other skincare companies in the United States. Epicutis is sold in Europe, and they’re admired in Europe by other skincare kingpins. 

One of the most impressive aspects of Epicutis is how few products you need to achieve the desired results. With other brands, you need eight products twice daily (I'm not exaggerating.) With Epicutis, you need four, maybe two.

While they will be launching an SPF and a full-body skincare product within the next year, the line is currently comprised of only five products. Their patented main ingredient TSC (explained in full detail below) has been infused into all of the products.

The products were founded by:

Maxwell Stock, CEO/Founder: Founder of Signum Biosciences (Epicutis Parent Company)

Masanori Tamura, Director of Product Development: Master Formulator (Formerly affiliated with Hada Labo Skincare)

Lisa Johnson, SVP of Global Sales & Corporate Development

Eduardo Perez, Ph.D. Chief Science Director

Dr. Jeffery Stock, Co-Founder: Professor at Princeton University

The team at Epicutis has considered the overwhelming amount of people suffering from various skin conditions and accepted the duty to do better as a skincare company by ‘caring’ for the skin. The approach is as simple as the products: heal the skin’s barrier to prevent skin issues.

You know a skincare product is good if it’s used in spa regimens. Epicutis products have been implemented into HydraFacial procedures at over 500 clinical offices in 11 countries.

My Personal Stroy:

I'm bringing this product to your attention because I’ve tried products like SkinBetter, SkinCeuticals, and other luxury, and medical-grade skincare brands. I’ve met with other aesthetic doctors in New York and New Jersey and I’ve scoped out the ‘best’ skin care approaches for numerous skin conditions… Epicutis has stood out the most. 

While the price tag is high, the results are out of this world.

For me, it was about the minimization of sun damage within less than a week after starting to use the products. I’m a fair Irish lass, and I didn’t take skincare/SPF as seriously as I should have when it mattered. I also suffer from eczema. After using Epicutis, I’m convinced the other products I was using were exacerbating my eczema since I haven't had a flare-up since starting the Epicutis products.

I’m not a medical professional or proclaiming myself as a skincare expert. I'm a human with skin damage incurred by the sun. If you suffer from the same issue or other skin care issues, try Epicutis and thank me later

I was fortunate enough to have been able to chat with Lisa Johnson, one of the founders of Epicutis. She answered a few of my burning questions about the products, and I’m sharing them with you below. 


Environmental Working Group:

Dr. Ram (NJ):

"I have been in skincare for over 20 years and have yet to see much true innovation in the space. Over the years, I have seen the same handful of active ingredients shuffled around into new formulations, called new names. It's been an honor to be a part of Epicutis where we have developed a product line full of science and true innovation. A product to finally combines safety, results, and Luxury." – Lisa Johnson, SVP of Global Sales & Corporate Development

Since all products can be used on all skin types, what is the recommended skin care regimen using Epicutis products?

"The Epicutis skincare regimen is Cleanse, Treat, and Hydrate twice daily. Start with the oil cleanser, apply the lipid serum to treat the skin, and finish with the Hyvia Crème for hydration. We also offer two bonus products that can be added 1-2 times per week, the enzyme exfoliating powder and the lipid recovery mask. Stay tuned as our SPF will be launching later this year!"

Can you dive a little deeper into TSC and what makes it unique? 

"TSC (Disodium tetramethylhexadecenyl succinoyl cysteine): our novel patented ingredient has clinically proven anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

  • Clinically proven to combat fine lines and wrinkles, reduce blemishes and promote skin texture/smoothness
  • Protects against collagen breakdown to maintain skin health
  • Promotes skin repair and reduces the appearance of redness
  • Possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help calm and soothe sensitive and irritated skin"

Without giving too much away, what are some of the ingredients you swear by?

"It goes without saying, I definitely swear by our novel patented ingredients, TSC and HYVIA. I am also a big fan of high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid remembering all HA ingredients are not created equal! The biggest thing I look for in all products is they do not contain any pro-inflammatory ingredients because pro-inflammatory ingredients break down collagen and fight against all of the procedures we do to help encourage collagen production."

Since clinical trials speak volumes about the product’s effectiveness, can you direct readers to some of the results of the trials?

"Since Epicutis was created by Signum Biosciences, a traditional Bio-Tech Company, we go a step further and published all our scientific data in high-profile journals like the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, for example. I would like to also note this science was published long before Epicutis was launched as we have spent over 20 years and millions of dollars researching and developing ingredients before bringing them to market."

What do you wish more people knew about Epicutis? 

"I want people to understand that caring for your skin doesn't have to be complicated. Epicutis simplifies skincare! It can actually be counterproductive to use multi-step regiments with hundreds of ingredients in them. I want to give people a better understanding of the function of their skin and understanding that everything you put on your body eventually goes into your body. I see people who are into fitness or conscious of the foods they eat, but they don't think about the ingredients in their skincare products. Even if you don't use Epicutis, be aware. Most skincare companies are marketing companies that happen to sell skincare. One of the most important tips I have is to do your own research! Use tools like the EWG to make sure you are making informed decisions about what you are exposing yourself to. Beauty doesn't have to be toxic!"

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