Plastic Shopping Bags Didn't Make A Comeback In NJ: Walmart Up-Charges On Bags

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Plastic Shopping Bags Didn't Make A Comeback In NJ: Walmart Up-Charges On BagsPhoto by(@Flander/iStock)

Since the plastic restrictions have inundated New Jersey residents, Walmart was one of the only stores in the state that continued to offer free reusable bags as people transitioned to the new state laws.

Now, shoppers are in for a rude awakening since the 'transition period' has officially come to an end. Walmart has begun to charge 42¢ per reusable bag, and shoppers at Walmart are seeing this as a major inconvenience.

Bill S-3114 was put into effect in September of last year. Unsurprisingly, the bill has been one of the most challenged laws in NJ history. Lawmakers were trying to bring plastic bags back and extend the transition period.

Additionally, Target has introduced a new ‘Public Improve Fee’ which has been tacked onto the price of every item purchased at Target. 

Shoppers are always encouraged to look out for additional fees. In this case, New Jersey’s plastic bag ban has been in circulation now for six months, so there has been plenty of time to prepare. The charge is also not automatic. If you bring bags from home, you won’t be charged for additional bags unless you need them.

The mission seems to be reducing plastic litter and achieving a greener Garden State. While this term may mean different things to different people, we can all agree that a cleaner environment is a good thing.

“We were supportive of banning single-use shopping bags that includes both paper and plastic and fully supporting reusable bags as the alternative. This meets environmental and anti-litter goals, and keeps our communities clean.” – Linda Doherty, President of New Jersey Food Council


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