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'Joker' Sequel Filming At Decommissioned NJ Hospital

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'Joker' Sequel Filming At Decommissioned NJ HospitalPhoto by(@nhattienphoto/iStock)

It's circulating that the decommissioned Essex County Isolation Hospital in Belleville, New Jersey has been turned into the ‘Arkham State Hospital' for the filming of The Joker 2. 

Rumors began to circulate this past week about the hospital being used for the production of a ‘major motion picture’ after Belleville mayor Michael Melham announced Friday, “Major motion picture filming in #BellevilleNJ. I wish I was allowed to say exactly what movie.”

“Just finished a site visit & security meeting. Additional security measures will soon be enacted. Only residents will be able to access certain streets. Please know filming is on private property. Please do [not] trespass or attempt to gain access to the property. #BellevilleNJ” – Michael Melham, Mayor of Belleville

It became clear which movie when images of Arkham State Hospital began to surface in Belleville.

While specifics of filming have not been disclosed, the names ‘Lady Gaga,’ ‘Joaquin Phoenix,’ and ‘The Joker 2’ have remained consistent with anything mentioned about the events unfolding at the old and dilapidated Essex County Isolation Hospital.

Regarding the ‘Joker’ sequel, it’s been said the movie will be a musical. Lady Gaga has been cast for the role of Harley Quinn, and Joaquin Phoenix will be returning as Arthur Fleck, aka ‘The Joker.’

Parts of the first movie were also filmed in Newark and Jersey City. Areas of each location were transformed into run-down cities in the 1980s. 

For the sequel, Warner Brothers Studios was given an extra $1.96 million in state tax credits because they chose to film in New Jersey. The tax credits were awarded under the Film and Digital Media Tax Credit Program – Governor Murphy reintroduced the program last year after former Governor Christie allowed it to lapse.


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