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Road Rage On The Cross Bronx NYC (Video)

Bridget Mulroy
Road Rage On The Cross Bronx NYC (Video)Photo by(@DjelicS/iStock)

A wild road rage incident unfolded on the Cross Bronx Expressway this past weekend. A video shows a man sitting on the hood of someone's car after smashing their windshield. The video will be linked below. Please know that it is quite shocking. If anything, it’s a reminder to share the road and never engage with other drivers because you never know whom you’re dealing with.

The Cross Bronx Expressway is one of the most congested highways in the City since it leads drivers toward the George Washington Bridge. In the video you see traffic slowing as a blue Volkswagen Tiguan is stopped in the left lane. The video is being recorded by someone in a car passing the blue Tiguan as the event transpired.

It’s unclear what happened before the video started. As the car recording the video passes, you see the Tiguan stopped and a man sitting on the hood of the Tiguan. As the person recording the video becomes closer, you see the windshield of the Tiguan is completely shattered. The person driving the Tiguan seems to be sitting still in the car – likely in shock.

When the man sitting on the hood of the car realized he was being recorded, he lunged for the phone of the person recording. You hear the person recording pull their phone back, roll up their window, and move along. It’s presumed that the man sitting on the Tiguan was the one who smashed the glass, but it’s not clear what transpired before the video started.


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