Don't Shop On Amazon: Faulty Return Policy (True Story)

Bridget Mulroy
Don't Shop On Amazon: Faulty Return Policy (True Story)Photo by(@georgeclerk/iStock)

If you’re looking for a reason to not hand your money over to Amazon, a multi-billion dollar company, I have a good one. This story is a follow-up to a story published a couple of weeks back regarding a return confirmed to have been sent back and received by Amazon, and the refund never being issued.

To refresh, “I purchased a big (pricy) Lego for a Lego lover in my life. Upon receiving the Lego, the box was opened, bags in the box were opened and resealed, and it was discovered that pieces were missing. I called Amazon to set up the return and returned the Lego to UPS within a day of realizing this. A week goes by and the UPS tracking showed the Lego had been delivered back to the Amazon warehouse in PA (I’m in NY,) and nothing happened, no money was issued back to my account. I called Amazon and was told, “Some refunds may take up to 60 days,” and to “call back after March 14 if I still haven’t received my refund…” I returned the Lego on January 13… Still no refund.”

My goal today is to update you on the status of the situation, and Amazon not honoring their policy.

 We’re way beyond the 60-day mark. When I wrote the last story, I knew something wasn’t right. Anytime I have ever needed to return something to Amazon, the refund has been issued immediately. 

This time was different. I trusted the policy, and yet here we are.

As of today, March 22, no refund. No acknowledgment of the money owed. Despite UPS tracking confirming the shipment was received by Amazon, despite the carrier confirming the return was delivered back to Amazon, despite the policy’s 60-day time period, NOTHING.


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