Dangers Exposed of New Trending Weight Loss Injection: Semaglutide

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Dangers Exposed of New Trending Weight Loss Injection: SemaglutidePhoto by(@CoffeeAndMilk/iStock)

Ozempic Semaglutide is one of the newest diabetes medications on the market, yet it’s trending for its weight loss potential. While this may sound intriguing, more information has come out about the dangers of using Ozempic for weight loss.

You may have heard about it! You may even know someone who has tried it. It’s been around for a few years, and people are growing obsessed. As becomes more readily available through aesthetic physicians, medispas, certain beauty bars, and concierge medicine offices, people are flocking to try the weight loss injection.

“A lot of people in the [New Jersey] Housewives world are on Ozempic. A lot of my friends are in the Housewives world, and it was tough for me to come back, and suddenly no one's eating when we go out to dinner. I am very, very scared of what will happen if and when people have to go off of this drug because it's just going to be like a massive number of people who gain a huge amount of weight.” – Jackie Goldschneider, RHONJ

Jackie Goldschneider openly shared her struggle with an eating disorder and expresses her concern for her friends and anyone else jumping on this weight loss trend. 

One controlled study showed Ozempic Semaglutide’s ability to melt weight away, however, this was a single study. 

Across the board, using Semaglutide for weight loss is advised against if you do not have diabetes. Despite this, interest in the weight loss potential of the prescribed injections has skyrocketed. 

Regardless of how it’s being used, the medication has a ‘black box warning’ indicating some of the known, and potential side effects. One of the most concerning side effects, and one directly correlated to weight is the potential for thyroid tumors and thyroid cancer.

Weight loss, ‘the old fashioned way,’ working out, eating properly, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has remained to be the best, and most effective way to achieve weight goals.

Diabetes medications being used for purposes outside of their initial intention isn’t unheard of. For example, Metformin is a medication intended for regulating insulin levels, yet it’s also prescribed by obstetricians and gynecologists to help women who have issues trying to conceive. While it’s not the answer to some fertility issues, the implementation of Metformin has helped many women grow their families.

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