NJ Nurse Practitioner Helping to Strengthen the Community - Literally

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NJ Nurse Practitioner Helping to Strengthen the Community - LiterallyPhoto by(@ivsbytheseas/Instagram)

Jen Plescia is a wife, mother, Nurse Practitioner, and local business owner. She deserves the spotlight this Sunday since she’s taken her passion and experience from working in the medical field and begun offering a service that literally helps strengthen the community.

Jen is the owner and CEO of IVs By The Seas, an IV infusion service that delivers specialty IV treatments and vitamin boosts to people through an intravenous drip. Jen’s business has earned a #1 spot in Monmouth and Middlesex counties for mobile IV therapy. I was fortunate enough to interview Jen and get a more in-depth description of what she does, how she helps people, and why she loves doing it!

Can you explain why you do what you do? What is your background, and how did IVs By The Seas come to be?

“My greatest life achievements have been becoming a mother, a wife, and a Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur. Becoming an NP has allowed me to use my experience as a bedside RN, and really change the lives of my patients. 

I love being an NP because I can utilize my nursing skills and be the "director" of care for the patient. I look at patients as an entire entity, and not just a diagnosis – which is important. 

Throughout my NP journey, I have worked in the ER, urgent care, and primary care and have now opened my own business, IVs By The Seas, an IV vitamin hydration company. I love that I have taken my previous critical care experience and married it with holistic medicine to render the best outcomes for all my patients. This autonomy is yet another reason why I love being an NP."

That's my next question, what do you love about what you do?

"I love being an NP because it has allowed me to leave traditional, hospital medicine and pursue my own business – which has finally allowed me to have a work/life/home balance. 

As a healthcare worker who worked frontline during the pandemic, it can be very hard to disconnect yourself from your work environment. While I was never officially diagnosed, I am pretty sure I did suffer from PTSD and have now built a solid foundation that allows me to pursue my healthcare passions while giving me the ability to watch my children grow.”

Who do IVs By The Seas help?

“We help a plethora of clients who are interested in overall wellness. Our therapy is safe for people aged 12 and older who are at least 100 lbs. We work with people suffering from autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, post COVID long hauler syndrome, athletes trying to improve their performance or recovery period, patients who are acutely ill with ailments such as the stomach bug or colds, oncology patients, pregnant patients with consent from their doctors, and lastly - the classic hung over patient.”

Can you explain a little about some of the services offered?

“We offer a wide variety of infusions specific to our clients' wants, needs, and goals. Our menu can be found at https://www.ivsbytheseas.com/home/infusionmenu.

We also offer customized IV treatment specific to your needs with respect to your medical history and allergies. While some may think 'it's just vitamins,' it is important to know that these vitamins do have side effects and should always be given properly and under the direct care of a licensed nurse practitioner, physician, or physician assistant.”

Check them out: https://www.ivsbytheseas.com/

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