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Devastating Car Accident Results From Speeding on Pulaski Skyway: Video

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Devastating Car Accident Results From Speeding on Pulaski Skyway: VideoPhoto by(@WorldLatinStar/Instagram)

It’s no mystery that speeding is dangerous. Reckless driving not only puts the driver in a hazardous situation, but it also puts everyone else around them in harm's way.

On the Pulaski Skyway between Jersey City and Newark, New Jersey, a terrible accident resulted from speeding and reckless driving shortly before 2:30 pm Friday. It’s important to know that no busses or trucks are allowed to pass over the Pulaski Skyway, there are no tolls, and there is no shoulder to pull over.

A car pulled over and stopped in the right lane going northbound. According to the daughter of one of the victims in the accident, a “Nissan Murano was speeding like crazy, hit a car that was pulled over in the right lane full speed which caused it to spin around and pin the Lincoln against the barrier. The Altima was the last car to make an impact.”

A video (graphic) shows the aftermath of the horrific accident. The accident caused delays on both sides of the Pulaski Skyway for about two hours.

The video shows four cars after colliding into each other. Fluids from the cars are spilled onto the road, and pieces of the cars are strewn all over the place. People (accident victims) are standing on the northbound side of the Pulaski Skyway and making phone calls. Two of the cars look to be totaled and in very bad condition (one being the Murano.) Some people standing around are checking to see if anyone else involved was hurt.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. 


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