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NY Passes Law to Ban Single-Use Plastics

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One of *the* best things about takeaway food has been the extra napkins, plastic forks, and spoons. They’ve always made cleaning up work lunches and lazy dinners that much lazier with the extra supplies, as opposed to using regular silverware.

I’ll admit, maybe it wasn’t the best for the environment when I tossed my plastic utensils every day, but man was that the life when I had the luxury of having disposable knives and forks when I was away from home. I’m reminiscing since that’s no longer going to be the case in New York.

It was one thing when New Jersey eliminated plastic shopping bags. Now New York wants to ax plastic utensils – and ketchup packets, let’s not forget those. Food and drink containers will also be rationed.

Without looking at this from an environmental standpoint, this will be good for businesses since they’ll save money on buying the extra disposables and invest in better food and a better eating environment – we’d hope.

We still can’t help but roll our eyes at this level of inconvenience. This means we need to bring a household fork on our lunch break if we bring food from home, AND we need to remember to bring it home to be washed… 

The bill is called the ‘Skimp The Stuff’ bill, and it seems like the only skimping is being done to the loyal customers of restaurants and food trucks. NYC Council members seem to think otherwise.

“’Skip the Stuff’ will put money back into the pockets of our small businesses while also minimizing our city’s carbon footprint and make New York a more sustainable city. If we continue the use of single-use plastics and other additions, we will feel the negative repercussions through our environment and our local businesses. We must work together to keep and maintain a clean city, not just for ourselves, but for future generations.” – Council Member Marjorie Velázquez

Here’s the bill:

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