NJ Drivers Turn Away From Electric Vehicles: Here's Why

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NJ drivers turn away from electric vehicles: here's why!Photo by(@praetorianphoto/iStock)

We need to consider two things before diving into this:

  • Electric cars have been around for the better part of a decade – the concept is not new.
  • About this time a year ago, droves of New Jerseyans flocked to Tesla and other electric car manufacturers because the price of gas per gallon had spiked.

Once we look beyond that, we can delve into the reasons why SO many New Jersey drivers who had switched to Tesla, and other electric cars, are switching back to gasoline cars and (in this case) leaving Tesla in the dust.

Ashley Raibick knows a fair bit about shooting around the state and dealing with New Jersey roads. She’s a well-known and highly sought-after beauty industry professional who specializes in hair. It made sense to listen to her as she explained her reasoning behind switching BACK from Tesla to a car that uses gasoline. 

While we don’t know what she switched back to, we know it’s not electric. Let that sink in, and read on to learn more about the pitfalls of owning a Tesla and driving an electric vehicle in 2023.

“To answer all of the ‘no more Tesla’ questions, here's the update

  •  I LOVED it in the beginning, literally obsessed. We had so much fun with it – the first year and a half to be exact. [Regarding issues,] I was okay with all of these issues in the beginning because I sort of knew what I signed up for. Until then it became too much.
  •  Month 3: I noticed a crack going down the center of my windshield and couldn't recall hitting anything. I took it to Tesla and I was told the crack was a "stress" crack due to the alignment of the car being off… They fixed the windshield (AND my trunk which wasn't closing.) I left and my trunk still wasn't closing, I would have to put my body weight on it to close it.
  •  I tried numerous times to have it fixed but (at the time) they didn't have any loaner cars available. Their only option was Uber vouchers which would never work for me in my career.
  •  The border of my windows was made from this s***y material and my car looked like it had oil spills all over it.
  •  The car’s paint was horrendous which Tesla is known for.
  •  The car holds 60% of the battery in the winter. It is the WORST thing. 
  •  You [would] think there are so many chargers and superchargers, and there are not nearly enough.
  •  My air filter had so many issues. The car always smelled but I couldn't get it fixed because Tesla was never able to offer a loaner vehicle.
  •  The battery weakens year after year, just like an iPhone. 
  • L last but not least, 2 days before I went to get a new car, my entire car went BLACK. I had nothing. The whole screen shut off, the brakes were acting weird and it was pitch black at ‘traffic hour.’ If you didn’t know this, Tesla’s only way of seeing the speed, cameras, and everything else, is on one screen. So when that goes, everything goes.
  • Charging is a HASSLE (mentioned previously) AND I have a charger at my house. 

It was just too much to always think and plan. So it wasn't for me anymore!

I'm not saying I'll never have a Tesla again, I just personally don't think we're there yet. Electric vehicles will be a way of the future for sure, so I'm going to enjoy a gas car while I have the chance.”

So there you have it. Ashley and others are fed up with Tesla. Considering how Tesla, until now, has been seen as a beacon for cutting-edge electric vehicles, the amount of people turning away from the concept, AFTER trying it out, is very telling.

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