Life May Flash Before A Person's Eyes Before They Pass Away: Studies Confirm

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Two studies have confirmed the concept of ‘life flashing before a person’s eyes before they pass away.’ One study was performed at NYU, and the other in Vancouver, Canada.

From May 2017 to March 2020, a team of researchers at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine observed 567 hospital patients who had undergone CPR when their hearts stopped beating. 

10% of the 567 hospital patients survived. A research press release issued by NYU Langone details, “Survivors reported having unique lucid experiences, including a perception of separation from the body, observing events without pain or distress, and a meaningful evaluation of life, including of their actions, intentions, and thoughts toward others. The researchers found these experiences of death to be different from hallucinations, delusions, illusions, dreams, or CPR-induced consciousness.”

In Canada, the observation was much more conclusive – once in a lifetime. 

A team of scientists was measuring the brainwaves of an 87-year-old patient suffering from epilepsy. During their observation, the patient had suffered a fatal heart attack and the team of scientists witnessed brainwaves similar to those observed during dreaming, and recalling memories. Scientists witnessed the brain wave measurements occur for thirty seconds before, and after the patient’s passing.

The team’s observations were published in Frontier: Science News, ‘A replay of life: What happens in our brain when we die?’. Dr. Ajmal Zemmar, the co-author of the study, was one of the team members who had witnessed the first recorded activity of a dying brain.

“This could possibly be a last recall of memories that we've experienced in life, and they replay through our brain in the last seconds before we die.” – Dr. Ajmal Zemmar

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