NY Family Court Law Will Change the Outcome of Custody Cases

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“​​Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many cases in recent years where bad decisions were made by a judge, and we want to avoid that.” – “NY Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz of the 81st District”

Senate Bill S8592 “Establishes a moratorium on the use of forensic child custody evaluators in family court proceedings, also to provide a moratorium on forensic child custody evaluators and to ban courts from ordering or allowing a forensic custody report as evidence in relation to custody or visitation proceedings.” 

In divorces or breakups when children are present, a custody hearing will determine how much time the children will spend with each parent if the parents are unable to work it out on their own.

In custody disputes over the last five years, New York has lost 23 children at the hands of the parent presumed to have been the appropriate parent to place the child/children, and thousands of injuries to children involved in custody disputes have been documented by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

The new law is set to be discussed before it passes to Senate and Assembly for a vote. While it has yet to have been voted on, more and more people are supporting the bill since it advocates for fair parental rights.

In 2023, the amount of children splitting time between two parents is high. While some families can make it work, others cannot. As of now, NY State judges use a generic approach with custody placements in family court cases. The new law would force courts to take a more nuanced look into a child’s environment to truly give the child/children the best possible outcome.

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